A fraction of what I have on my shelves 😂 but this lot are joining me for a lazy Saturday of tea and recipe book perusing. Bliss! I spend so much time conjuring up new recipes myself that I rarely sit down and appreciate all these amazing writers and chefs sitting on my bookshelf. Soooo much talent staked up here. Some books here aren't entirely vegan but easily adapted. Happy Saturday ❤️ Louise
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Spaghettikürbis aus dem Ofen % % Spaghettipumpkin from the oven ÷ ÷ Das wird wohl der letzte Kürbis sein den ich bis zum Herbst zubereite. Ich bin extrem fasziniert von dieser Sorte. Den Kürbis kocht oder backt man als ganzes und kratzt dann das Kürbisfleisch heraus. Dies sieht dann wie Spaghetti aus und schmeckt einfach köstlich. 🍝 ÷ Recipelink in bio. (as son as pissible 🤗) ÷ This pumpkin will be the last one this yeat till autumn. I'm really fascinated from this typ of pumpkin. You have to boil or bake it as a whole and then just scrap out the insiede. Tadaa, you'll have spaghettis 🍝 #pumpkin #kürbis #winterfood #seasonfoods #veganlowcarb #vegancookbooks #veganfood #eatingvegan #whatveganeats #swissvegan #veganfoodspace #healthyfood
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Cute title on today’s #fridayfeasting! How to Be Vegan and Keep Your Friends has great tips - and recipes, of course - that make it easier for beginner vegans (and their friends and family). What a great gift for yourself or your vegan mates! @quadrillebooks @hotmealsnow
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I’ve heard great things about this vegan cookbook so I finally ordered it! Yay!🥣 #kansasvegan #veg#vegancrockpotmeals #veganslowcooker #vegancookbook #vegancookbooks #slowcookercookbook #vegancrockpot
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🔪 COOK BOOKS! Who else reads physical books to fuel their hobbies? What hobby do you support by reading? . I started my vegan journey almost a year ago, and these are the #veg#veganbooks that have come into my possession along the way. I love them all, and I recommend them to anyone who already eats vegan, to those who are thinking of incorporating more plant-based meals into their diet, and/or to people who just love food! . 💯 Vegan 100 by @avantgardevegan is great for full blown, amazing vegan meals of a higher caliber (IMO), but he’s included some basics to get you started as well. . 👊🏼 Thug Kitchen by @thugkitchen has a little bit of everything, lots of great party foods, and a look into all the plant sources of food you should be incorporating into your diet. . 🍋 Love & Lemons by @loveandlemons contains vegetarian & vegan recipes, and therefore is great for new vegans who are still transitioning away from eating animal products. The recipes are organized by vegetable too which comes in handy when you have an extra eggplant/aubergine on hand and aren’t sure what to make with it. . 🥥 Vegan Bowls for Vegan Souls by @coconutbowls is the newest addition to my collection. It comprises a variety of different vegan recipes, each one created and contributed by a different Instagrammer who uses and loves the sustainable coconut bowls used to serve each dish! I’ve discovered some new favorite #rawvegan recipes in this book. . 🍞 I have my sights set on acquiring a cookbook all about baking sourdough, to fuel my undying love for bread 🤤 . If you are vegan/plant-based or if you have a love for cooking, let me know! . For more wonders of vegan eating, follow me here 👉🏼 @travellikeavegan . #carleyscopies #carleysreviews #carleyscookbooks #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #bookreview #cookbooks #vegancooking #vegan #veganfood #whatveganseat #lovetocook #athomecooking #bookaesthetic #beautifulbooks #bookstack #readersofig #readersofinstagram #cookinglove #plantbased #plantbasedfood #plantfood #plantbasedcooking
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Veggie lover's pizza soup from Betty Goes Vegan (tonight's #coo#cookbookcookthrough2019 title) by @meettheshannons! A beery tomato broth with beans (I used Marcella and Good Mother Stallard beans from Rancho Gordo), spinach, mushrooms, fresh basil, bell peppers, garlic, and herbs. Then I topped it with croutons (if you're not eating @kellyscroutons, you're not living) & mozzarella and placed it under the broiler until the cheese was melty & bubbly. It's DELICIOUS. . . . . . #vegandinners #soupweather #vegansoup #cookbookcookthrough #vegancookbooks #bettygoesvegan #pizzasoup #veganpizzasoup #kellyscroutons #veganmozzarella #ranchogordobeanclub #anythingyoucaneaticaneatvegan #plantsaregoodfood #veganfoodshare #whatveganseat #vegansofinstagram #polishpottery
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