“E.O.D.”... BLE$$ED...!!! 👑👑👑
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Last week - Wednesday to be exact. I was doing the simplest task. Bending down to pick up a bin - this should have been no problem. Guess what? It was. See - when the body is placed under stress - your adrenal glands go into "crisis" mode and one of the main areas of the body affected is your low back. If you've been following along you will know in a short span of 3 weeks my body processed a call that my dad had a stroke; a dear friends son died suddenly; my daughter graduated from high school and moved to college; our car broke down and we traveled to South Carolina to tour #USC for bella. Mix in Lyme - and man - it's been a ride! So my body said - nope. Done. And I listened. I used all the #ess#essentialoils; I meditated; I breathed and - finally today - my body allowed me to do this forward fold. Healthy, natural, mindful, patient tools will help the body heal. It took a week - but hey -- I got here. ❤ . . . #healing #yoga#yogaheals #janusirsasana #essentialoils #girlboss#yogaeverydamnday #breathe#meditate#takeyourtime#lifebydesign
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