If you have nice photos to show for everyone, put a ❤ and send me your photo! Good Morning from Air Station Houston! We are excited to show you what we do here at the Best Lil' Air Station in the Coast Guard! We have 3 MH65D helicopters along with 75 dedicated service members in one of the busiest areas in the country. Here in Houston we prosecute a variety of missions, such as Search & Rescue; Ports, Waterways, and Coastal Security; Marine Safety; Aids to Navigation; Living Marine Resource Protection; Law Enforcement; and Marine Environmental Protection. Look us up on Facebook: USCG Air Station Houston, Texas. ➥ Follow me : @Veteran_Edwards_Pride to more 🧔 🧔 🧔
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Finished being evaluated at the Senior Leader Course today. I’ll be graduating on Thursday afternoon. So today I took some time for myself and hit the golf course here on Fort Knox. One of the nicest courses I’ve played. One of the holes goes right alongside the “Gold Vault.” Took this picture after I finished the 18th hole. Don’t get me wrong, California is great, but nothing beats a southern sunset! 🌅
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Put a 👍🏾 if you are Veterans lover , a 😍 if you found it interesting and a ❤ if you like my page! Shooting accurately and navigating obstacles while your heart rate is elevated and breathing is heavy is no easy task. During this Special Forces competition, are tested on accuracy and adaptability under stress. (Photo by Staff Sgt. William Waller) ➥ Follow me : @EliasCox989 to more 🧔 🧔 🧔
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