The follow up to Part One of The Empress Reigns exposes the strategic come up Yazmeen has created to erect her empire that include hustling with no days off, trickery, deceit & coverups.
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In the 3rd & final installment of The Empress Reigns we find Yazmeen battling everyone to maintain the empire she built. She’s also dodging the karmic debt that may lead to her empire crumbling. Facing the odds alone we find out if she has the tenacity to hold on or does she lacks focus that can lead to her demise.
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Get Caught up! "Eshawn on Deck: The Final Chapters" will be set to release right after "Blind Date" and "Whipped Cream II: Caramel"! Hit that link and get ready for this crazy crossover!
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Get caught up! "Whipped Cream II: Caramel" is coming sooner than you think! Make sure to get your wine and sweet snacks ready and hit that link in my bio to download yours! This one is also available free on Kindle Unlimited!
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I really can't wait until y'all get your hands on this one! Click the link in my bio to pre-order yours today!
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I just found this keychain in my gift bag😍 Thank you @author_chaniquej
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Detroit Hustle and Grind was amazing Yesterday! Next up is Atlanta in June and July! See you all there!
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