“Life right now” shot by @pratikshelar87 on mavic pro Wingan inlet Day 3-4 TLDR: 2 days filled with some amazing wildlife. Lace monitors, Hooded plovers sunbathing seals 😍😍😍 and the favourite australian spider Wingan inlet is located 34 kms off the A1 highways. 34 kms of unsealed and unforgiving road. If you have a 2wd make sure to secure everything in place. After some rugged driving for an hour at the snails pace of mumbai traffic we arrived at our campsite. We managed to set up our tent and our van within a span of 30 minutes which is quite an achievement compared to our last attempt where we were struggling to start for 30 minutes. After a light dinner and some games we wanted to call it a night. But when we looked up in the sky we were in for a surprise. We saw a shooting star in the nights sky. We have seen a few shooting stars before but its always blink and miss. This one was different it went by very slow. It felt as if we were part of some movie and the shooting star was added using some special effects. We went to sleep with a smile on our faces. We woke up to the sound of birds chirping and one particular bird which sounded like it was bored of chirping. We were enjoying our morning cup of tea when we were joined by a surprise visitor. We saw a family of lace monitor lizards walk by our tent and across the campsite to get some sun. The monitors were huge and scary and they seemed to pop out from all the corners. We made sure to seal our tent tight before heading to the beach. After walking for about half an hour, we reached the beach. We had the beach all to ourselves, our own private beach. After some sunbathing, we realised we werent the only ones sunbathing on that beach. On a small pile of rocks a little bit away from the beach, there was a large number of seals sunbathing and lazing around. They did not give a damn about anything. All the cared about was the sun and the ocean. At that moment, it felt like “Thats us right now” #vanlife #vanlifeaustralia #seal #australia #victoria #wingan #sealsofinstagram #mavicpro #unedited
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