I love the Sprit and the fire that is within my baby girl. She knows what she wants from life, she knows what she doesn’t want and she truly believes in her own beauty and power. She is poorly at the moment and she is still determined to complete her school work even though she has no reason to. She just wants to succeed. She already has the mindset of a CEO! I learn from her as I watch her struggles and her fight to succeed and it makes me wonder, are some people just born with that passion? Is it in our DNA? Or is it truly our environment. I pray that her passion and fire only becomes more fierce as she grows into a young women and I will do everything in my power to keep it burning and protect her from any one that tries to distinguish it. I pray her passion will help her to her goals and the success she dreams of. I have a feeling that she is destined for greatness in her chosen path what ever it may be. This strength certainly makes parenting a battle, but I wouldn’t have her any other way. #stronggirlsbecomestrongerwomen
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