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Repost from @nae@naeemahshair83 using @Rep@RepostRegramApp - 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 shop today Repost from @hetana_asana_ using @RepostRegramApp - @naeemahshair83 #FORDACULTURE if you know me you know I’m into smells good... I opened up this little box and it lifted my vibe... #aromatherapy #twistout ☀️☀️☀️☀️ absolutely all for my hair there was a notecard right in the box explaining everything 📦 ❤️🥰 #excitedscream #AmeliasHandsHairCream.......
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RP: Repost from @trulynaturalme “I would have never thought I could use two products and get this type of definition! I’ve never not…” using @RepostRegramApp - I would have never thought I could use two products and get this type of definition! I’ve never not used a leave in Conditioner and when Pam from @koilsbynature said I didn’t need to because the Kurl Kreme provided the moisture of one I laughed internally. I almost ignored her and used one anyway because my hair is just to thick and to coarse for a Custard and a Butter to get the job done. I was WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!! ⠀ ⠀ Kurl Kreme- has the consistency of a Custard and goes on with a medium weight but super smooth on my texture. This Kreme provides really good definition. It’s not sticky at all and there are absolutely no flakes to be seen! I will absolutely be trying a wash and go down the line because I saw real definition forming! ⠀ Nourishing Hair & Body Butter- thick butter that melts well in your hands. It literally absorbed directly on contact over the Kurl Kreme and only left minimal white residue. This butter just debunked my myth that I cannot use coconut oil. It left my hair super moisturized ⠀ ⠀ After seeing how juicy my twist were I expected crunchy hair but defined hair. What I did not expect was the soft, non flaky, super defined, super moisturized, and shiny hair that I got! This is a beautiful duo that has changed the way I look at product combinations!
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FINALLY GOT MY HANDS ON THAT NEW NEW from @AlikayNaturals! They recently launched their new Lemongrass Style Collection with SIX products - Here’s the break down ✨ . . 🍋 Super Twisting Butter . 🍋 Hold It Styling Gel . 🍋 Leave In Conditioner . 🍋 Slay & Lay Edge Gel . 🍋 Styling Mousse . 🍋 Sleek & Shine Finishing Oil . . THE STYLES ARE ENDLESS WITH THIS 😭✨🍋👏🏾
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Off the grid. 🔌
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SWIPE👉🏾 to see the whole thing✨ •• I’ve decided to start a new mini series on my page called #MandaShortsSundays. Why? Because why not 🤗 All episodes will also be available on Vimeo. Link currently in my bio. •• Ep 1: “Manda’s Ritual” Directors: Myself & @cou@countthebasquiat_ 🎥: @countthebasquiat_ Song: “So What” #MilesDavis •• All women have a routine or ritual, as my boyfriend likes to call it, that they do before going anywhere. With this episode I wanted to explore the beauty in that. What does your routine look like? What are some products you use that you can’t live without? Let me know! I’m always looking to add new products to my routine for my sensitive skin☺️ •• Some of my fave products: @drbronner (face & body) @dickinsonswitchhazel (toner) @cetaphilus (face moisturizer) #vitamineoil #sheabutter • • • • • • #AmandaMorris #film #naturalhair #twistout #shortseries #mandasritual #drbronners #witchhazel #skincare #haircare #actorslife #blackcreatives #blackcreatorsmatter #youtube #blackactress #blackactor #vim#vimeo #filmmaker #independentfilm #vimeo
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