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. #letlovebeinyourlife #Moreфон365 . Day 51 (19th of February 2019) . Not my business . Sometimes some people try to involve me in some conversations with high emotions to share them with me. And the reason for that they take - "to condemn someone's life". I do my best to stay aside and don't let them make "the storm in the teacup" of my emotions. I try to tell them, that ane person could choose what he/she wants and it is not my business, but my opponents keep sharing with me the same "their opinion". So after I see, that there is no way to come back to the calm and peaceful talking, I take one of two decisions: * stop talking and try to think about something different to not concentrate on the words I hear; * start asking - what is the reason to hear me all that? In both of the situations, I should control myself and be aware of the level of my emotions for having a chance to stop at the right moment and do not make it worse, and do not let the conversation became in an arguing. . And I understand it and try to control. Before it wasn't as much good, as I thought. Now I can do it a bit better! So I hope, one day I can be so calm and peaceful, that I will not even pay attention to the situations like this one, that I wrote above. . So now, I do my best to... Let Love be in my and your heart ♥️ Let Love be in my and your life ❤️ . #репетитор #tutor #англійська #english #репетиторанглійської #київ #поділ #englishforfunissogood #telegram_english_for_fun_is_so_good #viber_english_for_fun_is_so_good #instagram_english_for_fun_is_so_good #facebook_english_for_fun_is_so_good #speakingclub #розмовнийклуб #grammar #englishgrammar #граматика #граматикаанглийскої #английский #репетиторанглийского
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You are your child’s first teacher. Follow @asceducationservices for all things education related. We provide tutoring to students in grades K-12. #tutor #education #entrepreneur #boss #goals
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Meet Kate one of our fantastic Geography tutors! 🌎 Kate is an outstanding Head of department who recently gained a masters degree from the University of Cambridge! Kate is also an Edexcel Geography examiner and coursework advisor. She is an author for Oxford University Press having written the Superpowers chapter of the recently published A level revision guide. What more could you want from a tutor? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Kate is delivering at Manchester Metropolitan University on the 8th-9th April and St Mary's University on the 28th-29th May 2019!
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👩‍🏫✔️Las ecuaciones no son complicadas cuando se tiene un tutor adecuado. 👩‍🎓Tutorías privadas #tut#tut#tutor/a> #tutor #matematica #ecuaciones #tutorias
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Creating successful students is my job! I take it very seriously. #tutor #mylife #happykids #colliercounty #teacher #naples #students #home #sessions #worthit
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