👭🔫 Sometimes the guilty are the ones we least expect. Jada, Lace, and Angel are on trial facing life in prison. In their minds they know they're guilty. But in all their years in the Game, they thought they'd covered their tracks. So where did they go wrong? Which scam or dirty deed was left uncovered? Who dropped the ball? Did someone see the murders? They went from running small time scams with big pay offs to becoming Philadelphia s notorious Queen Pens for millions. Go on trial with the Unusual Suspects as they discover the true meaning of friendship, loyalty, trust and betrayal. If money is the root to all evil, what happens when greed is added to that equation? Money made them ruthless. The choice to commit crime made them gangsters. Hate them or love them. Either way, they don't care. 👭🔫 Download, THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS today for $2.99 ONLY! 👭🔫 One Click on Link in Bio to Download.
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My beautiful client requested "lemonade" braids as her FIRST EVER braided style. #lemonadebraids #expressions #feedinbraids #stylists #mobilehome #Tstyles #happyclient
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🚔🔥🔪 Behold A New King Of Street Lit Has Arrived! Vida comes back with fury when her newlywed husband Moe-Moe is shot in a high speed car chase. Overcome with grief and anger, she's emotionally emptied like the clip from the gun she used to get him away to safety. As Vida, Tia and Bloody think of their next move, Styles plan his revenge on Vida for being wrongfully accused of kidnapping Moe. And he doesn't care who he has to smoke to get satisfaction. But, he's in for a fight. The promises. The disappointment. The deaths. All leave Vida reckless. Hell Razor Honey's 2 brings back the old and introduces the new in this blazing novel that will not disappoint. 🚔🔥🔪 Download, HELL RAZOR HONEYS 2 today for $2.99 ONLY! 🚔🔥🔪 One Click on Link in Bio to Download Now!
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Lavori iniziati! PGR rigenerazione ossea protesicamente guidata #matteochiapasco #tstyles #sempreal🔝 #oralsurgery #chiapascomosiemprelohasquerido
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This weeks ThrowBack goes to “THE TWISTED MOTHER” herself, T. Styles!!!! This series was LIT🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!! Raunchy is one of my all time favorites and I still don’t like chicks named Harmony😂 j/k!!!! If you’re not already familiar with T. Styles, this series is a great place to start but please don’t sleep on the rest of her catalog, IT’S NOTHING BUT BANGERS!!! Oh, and the webisodes on YouTube are dope as well! Get in to it!! #Raunchy #TStyles #Pioneer #TheCartelPublications #HarmonyPhillips #Twisted #Series #ThrowBackThursday #UrbanFiction #StreetLit #Support #BlackExcellence #Greatness
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🔥🔪 What we bring together, let no man tear apart...is the motto of the Hell Razor Honeys. Vida is young, sexy and naive. That is until she grows tired of Samara, the leader of The Come Back Honeys using her body to entertain local hustlers. When Vida refuses to play the whore, Samara reacts and kicks her out of the crew. Alone, Vida stands firm and decides she will not be pushed around even if it means taking a few beat downs. On the sidelines, Tia, also a loaner decides she’ll help Vida stand up against Samara even though it s not her battle. Their unity starts the beginning of a new gang they call, The Hell Razor Honeys. Only two girls strong, eventually they meet up with Ice, nicknamed because of her white skin and innocent nature. Her innocence quickly disintegrates once she becomes a member of the infamous crew. Despite a few fights, the Hell Razor Honeys were only known for tucking razors in their mouths and slashing a few faces. That is until they meet Tec. Under his watch, he teaches the girls a new hustle which includes murder, mayhem and larceny. Even though they go harder than most men, one look under their skirts would prove they’re all women. But when Vida’s grandmother begs her to get out of the streets, she complies vowing to change her life. But how can she when the friends she calls family maintain their hold? Take a journey with Vida, Tia and Ice as the rip through the streets of D.C., cruise through the city of New York and land on the L.A. Hollywood scene on a mission. Hell Razor Honeys reads like a fast paced car chase! This novel is one to die for, one bloody slice at a time! 🔥🔪 Download, HELL RAZOR HONEYS today for $2.99 ONLY! 🔥🔪 One Click on Link in Bio to Download Now.
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