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Sometimes every little thing people say or do bothers you.. the small things.. the things that are meant to be a kind gesture or just a generic remark.. sometimes things just frustrate you or hurt you. Sometimes you feel like no one is in your corner. Sometimes you just feel like you’re bothering people. Sometimes, even when things really aren’t that bad and things really are going to work out, you feel like nothing is going your way. Sometimes you just have to feel down, and lonely and pissed. You want to not be offended or angry but you just are... And that’s okay. But it still really sucks.. nothing is worse than not being able to control how you feel and how others make you feel. #frustrated #irritated #tryingtostaypositive
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Just a reminder lmao.....been going through some heavy personal stuff.....so my social media’s have not been a priority.......be back after the fire dies down #takeingabreakfrominstagram #dealingwithheartbreak #dealingwithheavystress #tryingtostaypositive #tryingtokeepfaithandstaystrong
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He don’t even know it either. He’s been my person for years. He will always be my person. Whether we are together or not. #myperson #myheart #mylove #tryingtostaypositive #misshisface #lostinthought
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These shorts. How one pair of shorts can be such a shot to confidence levels. These are one of my favorite pairs of shorts to wear- they’re lose and comfy and easy to move in...at least they were. I put them on today and they looked like spandex on me. That was a hard blow! I knew I put on some prego weight to the thighs and tush but I didn’t think it was that much. These shorts are now one of my top goals. They will be one of my non scale victories. I’m challenging myself to have these fit like they did before pregnancy within 8 weeks, just in time for summer. After Easter I’m starting the advocare 24 day challenge to really get my nutrition on point and give my body a restart. I’m also super pumped because at the same time Im starting a new fitness/lifting regimen via some online coaching from @dominic_calvano which will only progress my weight loss goals even more and get me my strength back! Im waiting until after Easter because the hubby, baby and I are heading to Florida at the end of this week, then visiting some fam in Milwaukee and I won’t be back home until after Easter. #moremotivatedthanever #goals #shorts #fitfam #nonscalevictories #postpartumbody #fitness #strength #tryingtostaypositive #losingweightishard #eatclean #fitmom #onlinecoaching #accountability
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