I’ve been called a Beaner, Spic, Ni**er, Zionist. Terrorist, Minority, mutt, Halfbreed, Immigrant, and then some! When i was little my mother and father reared me to look people in the eye when i meet them. If you know me you know I’ll look in to your SOUL when we meet. So many people today stop teaching their children to look others in the eyes when talking. It’s interesting how common decency removed leaves us with a greater sense of judgement. In the USA people try to fit you to a description and they’ll say “Oh throw them in that box!l I live in no box man created. I’m blessed to travel the world and talk to my wife and children about their diversity in culture as well as genetic makeup! I do what i love and love what i do! It sound corny probably to you, but i love the live i dream of and yes i travel a lot. I travel with gear that helps me stay ready (@underarmour) and i travel with an unparalleled amount of #energia because i truly feel my ancestors surround me. My genealogy is blessed to me by my grand parents and their decisions. I know I’ve got an easy route compared to being an Asian/African immigrant 90plus years ago(or today) They sacrificed so much to remind me that: LOVE IS MY RELIGION!
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Being sore, muscle tightness, tired are top reasons one may opt to not show up for a workout. We understand and feel the same way at times but it is taking the step into the gym even though you feel this way. Your body with thank you. I promise! Moving sore muscles and a tired body is sometimes the best thing for your body and mind. Next time you feel this way, think of this and remember how you feel after you took the step in the door! ♥️😁#musclesoreness #wegotthis #onestepatatime #trxtraining #shesback #wearewg
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Circuit training is great for #obstaclerace prep, but geez I miss lifting for 5 reps, and then strutting around for a couple minutes between sets.
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Just to switch up your leg and back day training a little, why not try TRX single leg squat, single arm back rows with a leg extension!! This one is tough and is a total body exercise that really gets the heart rate up!! #trxrows #trxsquat #trxsquatrow #trxlegextension #totalbodyexercise #backworkout #legworkout #quadworkout #balancetraining #coretraining #coreworkout #trxtraining #trxworkout #trxtrainer #fit#fitmotivation #gymmotivation #fitfam #bodytransformation #transformationtuesday #inspiration #fitspiration #fitspo #fit #gymlife #homeworkout #fitlifestyle #fitmom #fitchick #fitover45 #momswhoworkout
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