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When your own body becomes your goals😍 And don’t ask me what diet I’m following because I will 🤮 I don’t diet! I live life, I follow a solid workout plan that fits into my mom life, I am more aware of what I put into my body, and I still enjoy the treats! AND does anyone spy Remi’s cuteness 😂😍
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I had such a strong drive and was kicking booty on my goals a couple weeks ago. Today I feel defeated and like a slug. I am such a believer in listening to your body and sometimes leaning in. There is a difference in just needing a break and allowing yourself to be rolled over by life. I was rolled over by life and am trying to adjust my sail. I will get back up. Sometimes I just want to be able to withstand the storm strong, unmovable, unstoppable, unshakable. That would also mean detached, numb to my surroundings and devoid of emotion. I know me. So you do you and I will do me and what will be, Will be. #journey2wellbeing #ulcerativecolitisovercomer #trustyourjourney #needavacation #riseandgrind #healthcoach #colonhydrotherapist #goals #overcomer #thistooshallpass #momboss
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There’s a reason for every season 💕 #trustyourprocess #trustyourjourney
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Happy Wednesday ✨
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Besides you and naps.. what drives me, guides me is you finding living after loss. You speaking grief. You grieving your way. Your timing. Your process. It’s what you have to do to make it through! It’s what you have to find, life after loss! It’s all up to you! Deciding your grief is yours? Deciding that no matter who or what, you and only you can find your way? Is putting yourself first? What will you do today? I use to blame society and others that they spoke grief a certain way. Then I understood I can choose to speak my grief differently! I can choose myself in each moment of my grief journey and you lovely one can choose yourself in your grief too! 💛🙏🏻
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Let your Purpose be your driving force to Power through Obstacles that come your way. • • • See you on the Side of Success. 👣 #iknowyoucan
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Listen to and follow your heart. Learn and grow along your journey. Know that you are meant for more and have greatness inside! #heart #inspiration #listen #learn #grow #meantformore #greatness #mindset #thegrowthhive #mindsetofgreatness #youareenough #trustyourjourney
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