This is America. - - - Let's just say it is pretty clear for me who gets my vote for the Nobel Peace prize.... - - - Living in the only fully democratic state in the union it is easy to go with the herd. I walk to the beat of my own drum. As a Hispanic from New York I always identified as a Democrat, yeah pretty stereotypical. Not until I finally moved away from the city was I exposed to different trains of thought and I was fully exposing myself. - - - I make my own choices I will not be another demographic, I will be a free thinker. I will think outside the box and redefine the box. Please follow me: -@Trump_fanclubs8 Via: -@tech_nasty #trump_fanclubs#Trump
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A white student who stands accused of brutally beating a black teacher’s assistant was released without bail on Wednesday. Corey David Burfield, 18, of St.Paul, is charged with one count of first degree assault & one count of third degree assault. He was allowed to go home after his mother said “she would watch him” & was allowed to leave jail without posting any bail. The victim, Mohammed Dukuly, had worked for the school for about 10 years. He was well liked by students, some of whom told the local papers that “nobody ever put hands on Dukuly” According to reports of the attack at Harrison Education Center, Burfield knocked him to the ground & punched him several times, leaving him unresponsive. Dukuly had been in ICU on a ventilator but is now opening his eyes and moving his arms and legs. “Quite frankly, we are disappointed,” Imam Mohammed Dukuly, the victim’s uncle, told reporters after the court appearance. For a serious case like this “I think he should’ve been on bail.” Well, Uncle Imam, you’re a lot kinder than me. I think somebody should kick this kids ass & give him the same beating he did this poor, innocent man who was his teacher. If I were his mother, I would do it myself. He would never see daylight again. I’m not quite sure why he was let out so quickly or why without any bail. Why haven’t we heard about this story? If it were a black kid beating a white teacher senseless, I am sure it would be everywhere and TWITLER would have told them to leave the country and the bail would be so high so they could not afford it. Oh and the DA would throw in some other charges so the kid would probably spend life in jail. We need to really talk about the divide in equality amongst POC and white people. It’s allowing white kids to get away with murder & black & ethnic kids to spend a lifetime in jail for marijuana possession. The imbalance of power that is coming from the top & trickling down, is the exact reason hate crimes are on the rise for the first time in decades. In past years, hate crimes have been on a steady decline. Last year right when the DONALD came into office, there was a spike in hate crimes, it is not a coincidence 💔 Please fol
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That lady must have one dangerous muff. I vote that it be banned for safety purposes...and for the fact that whatever liberal monster crawls out of that cock cavern will be one dumb motherfucker. Please follow me: -@Trump_fanclubs14 Via: #trump_fanclubs#Trump
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The spotter is @gold3nox. He's in the business of justifying the sexual assault of minor children abused in the custody of ICE. FEEL FREE TO LET THIS PATHETIC POS KNOW HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT PEOPLE WHO DEFEND ABUSERS OF CHILDREN. #PedoDefender Go follow 👉 #GoodNightAltRight #BashTheFash #AmericanTaliban #DonaldTrump #NoDeplorables #TrumpSupporters #AmeriKKKa #TrumpForPrison #LockThemUp #orangeaintthenewbarack #traitorinchief #MAGA #MOPA #DONTHECON #TRUMPCROOK #trumpup #RESIST #trumpisaracist #trumpisamoron #KKK #dumptrump #MoronsAreGoverningAmerica #NAZI #DonaldTrumpIsANazi
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I have absolutely nothing against people’s sexual orientation but this is funny. No harm intended. Just a joke. #lgb#lgb#lgbtrump #maga #lgbt #DonaldTrump #Trump #con#conservatives #potus #ame#america #lib#liberals #usa #lgbt #pronouns #democrats #conservative #liberal #Democrat #col#college #liberallogic #trumpsupporters #whitehouse #gender #soyboy #beforeandafter #presidenttrump #america #americafirst #trumptrain #wethepeople #college #republican
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