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Here at #SepulvedaSanchez, we are committed to helping injured victims obtain the #justice they rightfully deserve! Eager to learn more about us and our specialities? Head over to our website today!
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California is home to a Sikh community that was established over a hundred years ago. They often celebrate their faith with events like this one that offer free food, or “langar,” to anyone who attends. ⁣ ⁣ Followers maintain five articles of faith, also known as the 5 K's:⁣ 1. “Kesh” means uncut hair, which is believed to be a gift from God.⁣ 2. “Kara” is the bracelet worn as a reminder to do good deeds.⁣ 3. The “kirpan” is the sword, which represents protection.⁣ 4. “Kanga” is the comb, which symbolizes cleanliness.⁣ 5. Finally, “kachera” are long underpants, which are worn for chastity.⁣ The turban is not technically an article of faith, but is often used to cover Sikhs' uncut hair and represents the equality of all people. ⁣ ⁣ In the latest Untold America documentary, @Shr@ShreenK rides along with a Sikh trucker. Produced by @MaggieBeidelman, @emily.marie.gibson and @ShreenK. Videography by @studiomtn. Link in bio!⁣ ⁣ #Punjabi #Sikh #trucks #trucking #trucklife #Sikhi #Sikhism #ajplus #ajplusvideo⁣
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We just lauanched our new website - gbctruckfactor.com. Please visit and follow us !! #truckfactoring #trucking #factoring #gbctruckfactor.com
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