Rough day? #tripledigits
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Welcome to the gram #tripledigits
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In preparation of the imminent leg workout today I decided to post this throw back to my first time in Triple Digits. 1100lbs leg press for 6. When I started working out in a back yard shed with my boys we had no idea Leg Day was a thing. And as such we skipped every leg day ever. Which made high school a little bit harder when the era of leg day began. The lack of proportion and the comments “yeah he’s big but look at his legs” (even after I stopped skipping leg day) actually shattered my confidence for a while. It took years of hard work for me to have the confidence to wear shorts in public. Now, through all the pain, blood, sweat and tears leg day and I have the strongest relationship. What are you/did you work on in the gym today? 💪🏾
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Yay! Finally got 100 followers! 💯 #100followers#finally#tripledigits
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