I chuckled when @dante.vincent suggested I share one of the photos he took of me in Roma with a caption that simply said, • it me 👋🏼 • because it’s cute. Just like the sticker in @instagram Stories. BUT I never caption things that simply and when I try to, I can’t be even half as clever or witty as the least clever or witty person I know because I just wasn’t made that way. And I’m aware enough to be ok with that. To be ok with how I was made. To work to perfect the set of skills I do have. And the irony of being so often labeled an ‘influencer’ who is asked to share more photos or myself & be in front of the camera more, is that I never wanted that. I’ve only ever longed to be a working photographer who could pay her bills doing what she loved most. Taking pictures. Behind the camera. It being about me was always confined to simply being properly credited for photos. • So what I would have told you is that when you visit Roma, take some time to get coffee the Roman way. Please don’t go to a Starbucks. And when you do, either order your coffee and then drink it quickly by standing in the coffee bar or choose to sit at a table and know that will take longer + cost more. Table service isn’t the norm, it’s just one option. Danté & I were so glad to find our rented apartment was right around the corner from Sant’Eustachio il caffè, which is my favorite coffee shop in the city, so we started every morning there. Sometimes we stood inside, sometimes we sat outside and took our time. ☕️ My friend @mondomulia recommends Roscioli Caffè as the best. So, now you have two options for when you visit @roma 🇮🇹😊 #romaitalia #ralphlauren #sezaneaddict #santeustachioilcaffe #travelstyle #lovesroma #romacittaeterna #buongiornoroma #skymileslife
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Photo about Blue Medina of Chefchaouen city at twilight in Morocco, North Africa ♡ it's desirve to visit ♡
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Looks don’t kill but they do break walls // also, family vacay has begun // tap for tags on this breezy, touristy look // #icequeenemma #dressjoyfully #icequeentravels
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travel lifestyle. #london☀️
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São Luís ♥️ Ilha do amor ♥️ . . @vida_corrida
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I’m here for a good time, not a long time 🥀
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