A church on the edge of a cliff, at the top of a mountain! I wonder how many people actually climb the mountain to attend a service?
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Getting lost in Texas 🥂🥂 dreaming of the sunshine ☀️ #dallas
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Rohanaa, the navigator of my Journey in Sri Lanka. I had first met Rohana in Malaysia when I went for a Commonwealth Summit, and when it so happened that I wanted to visit Sri Lanka, the first name which came to my mind was his! As I had decided that I wanted to go to Sri Lanka, I called Rohana to tell him that I was coming. We talked for about more than an hour, in that duration, he planned my whole 7 days itinerary, with giving me necessary information to travel safely in Sri Lanka. I met 4 days intoy trip in Batutla, Rohana’s hometown. 6 hours I'm Batutla were an out of this world experience. As it was his hometown, he took me off beaten place, and trails, untouched by the tourists. He fed me amazing food, and then took me to meet his parents and his to show his house. After Batutla we headed to Ella, a destination which is a Hun for backpackers from around the world. I met 7 backpackers during the course of my time, all belonging to different nationalities. While spending time together I could have never foreseen the friendship that we would form. Among those was a nomad traveller from Netherlands, Tommy. He was a person who stayed by my side for the whole trip. Because of him I was able to enjoy Ella at its best, and make amazing new friends. Tommy and I did some Street shopping together. He gifted me a Buddha Statue. With a backpack full of experience, he headed his was and headed to my. May we meet again...!! . #srilanka #colombo #batutla #ella #visitsrilanka #igtravel #travels #travelgram #mytravelgram #tra#travelingram #ins#instatravel/a> #instatravel #travellove #travellife #traveling #traveler #igtravelgram #instapassport #passportready #happiness #friendship
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