Boyfriend got me a new @killstarco bodysuit yesterday ❤️🙏 ❤️ #wearekillstar Hiding from the heat at home now, I think my brain might have started to melt away 😅 . I wish you all a great weekend 😘
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This bad rad trad dad is gonna make some #Bismarck #simpsons fans real happy. @alchemisttattoo is excited to have @rukus_tattoo in the studio for a couple days. To book hit him up at Or message him on IG #alchemisttattoo #tattoo #simpsonstattoo #hedoesotherstuff #travelingtattooer #traditionaltattoo #tradtattoo #bismarck
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This was a fun start to a forearm sleeve. Can’t wait to finish it up! I will be in Florida taking on tattoo work all next month. Hit me up if you are down to get something done! Tarpon Springs, Clearwater, St. Petersburg - - #travelingtattooer #floridatattooartist #blackandgreytattoo #tattoo #skulltattoo #tarponspringstattoo
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Relaxing and drawing at the shop today ✏️💕 I'm here until 7pm, so come by and say hi if you're in the area 😊
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I just want to give a big shout out to my amazingly talented boyfriend! 😍Traveling with you lately to different shows and conventions, has showed me just how much you love doing what you do. Interacting with all kinds of people and keeping your professionalism the way you do, is a job in itself. Your creativity and your passion to turn someone’s ideas to a permanent art form, has made me fall for you even more. You’re inspiring to say the least. I feel fortunate that I can tag along with you to new places, watch you learn new things and better yourself everyday. I enjoy the time I get to spend with you more than you will ever know. I hope you never lose sight of the fact that you have more power and control inside of you than you think you do. Some people get hit so hard by the outcomes of life that they lose complete sight of their uniqueness and wonderful talents they have been blessed with. I hope you never forget how talented you are and always remember the goals you have for yourself are attainable. Keep kicking ass, my baby. 😘😍 . . . . . @biggtattoos #shoutout #mylove #tattooartist #colourscouture #proteam #boyfriend #iloveyou #professionaltattooartist #tattoos #rockfest2018 #talented #artist #travelingtattooer #follow #biggtattoos #meaninktattoos
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