Missing my previous trip to Bangkok but it can be complicated as there’s a lot of things to plan for and check especially when you’re stuck at somewhere. I hate planning by myself and definitely will not plan unless necessary. If only I used @com@comelah.sg, everything will not have been difficult as when I came across the website, everything is planned in packages and it would provide me the hassle free experience of not planning. Looking to use @comelah.sg for my next trip! #travelgoals2018sg #instatravel #comelahtravel #convenienttravel #lazyholidayplanners #endorsed
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#throwback to one of the MOST epic trips of my life. This was back during my Thailand adventures when we camped in the outdoors at Pang Oung, chilled out at the hippie town of Pai and drove all the way to Mae Hong Son at 4am just to catch the sea of mist you see in these pictures. Tbh, I don't know when will I do such a crazy trip again because the planning isn't exactly the easiest. But I guess it won't be too long with @comelah.sg? This brilliant, hassle free travel booking website is solely for Southeast Asia destinations! I mean I love my New York but there is SO much to explore in our Southeast Asia neighborhood, especially for quick getaways! It's time to explore Asia! #travelgoals2018sg #instatravel #comelahtravel #convenienttravel #lazyholidayplanners #endorsed
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Missing my previous trip to East Java, Indonesia, swipe left to see more! 👈🏻 With @comelah.sg, all your bookings and itinerary planning could be easily arranged through their website! You can also find discounts, affordable ticket prices and packages to popular attractions! Can’t wait to uncover new destinations this year! 😬 #travelgoals2018sg #convenienttravel #lazyholidayplanners #sp #comelah #comelahtravel
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Can’t wait for my next getaway after finals! Planning a trip to Port Dickson resort and thanks to @Comelah.sg I’m already on it. Save yourself the time and trouble of planning simply by choosing a tour from the variety of exciting tours listed on the site. I’m ready for all the seafood feasts 😍 #endorsed #travelgoals2018sg #instatravel #comelahtravel #convenienttravel #lazyholidayplanners
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Lemming for a short break ever since the launch of our store and guess where we're heading next month! Another great new portal to have your travel plans sorted out, @comelah.sg features awesome trips packages and useful tips! You can also purchase local attraction tickets on the website with awesome discounts offered! Comelah.sg boasts a user-friendly website and if you ever need your questions answered, drop them your queries using the Facebook messenger tool on the website! #endorsed #travelgoals2018sg #instatravel #comelahtravel #convenienttravel #lazyholidayplanners
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