DO YOU? - Do you go to the gym just to go through the motions. Get a quick sweat and get your heart rate up? - I’m all for going to the gym and at least doing something. Versus sitting at home and doing nothing. As long as we aren’t hurting ourselves. - But your #mindset is the key. And when performing any movement our alignment, execution and muscle engagement is the key to being successful. If not injuries will occur and will just slow down your progress. - I used to hate, well still do, Trap Bar Dead Lifts. But they are another great compound movement. Which targets just about every muscle. - We are doing heel raised trap bar dead lifts to really emphasize ankle flexion and target the quads more. - Key things to remember: 1) Packed Back (lats engaged/shoulders down/back) 2) Core Tight/Chest Up/Spine Neutral 3) Shoulders Over Bar 4) Chest/Hips Raise Together - ONLINE TRAINING: Click link in our @macroscoach bio 👆🏽 - #deadlifts #trapbardeadlifts #macroscoach #dustinmrhoads #biomechanics #trainwiththebrain #onlinecoach #onlinecoaching #onlinetraining #nffpro #nffjudge
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465x3 on low handle trap bar deadlifts! These are starting to get very difficult as the weeks go on. #trapbardeadlifts #dea#deadlift> #deadlift #homegym #wendler531
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Wild Warrior Spotlight on the incredible @janeflotte! This wonderful human came to me with some hypermobility and overactive neck muscles. We’ve worked consistently together since September: she is now deadlifting 115lbs and moves like a boss! Jane shows up with a smile and enthusiasm that are infectious 😊. It’s a joy to see someone surprise themselves and finish their sessions grinning from ear to ear. Thank you, Jane! Cheers to more sweat, success, and strength in 2019! You inspire me to be better in so many ways. Keep up the fantastic work! 💪🙏❤️ . . . #womenwholift #makinggains #trapbardeadlifts #womenwhohustlehard #wildwarrior #personaltrainingchicago #movewelllivewell #personaltrainingclient
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Trap bar jumps by @dr.dkeres 🙏 ・・・ Progression that @doctordunks mentioned in his trap bar triple extension exercise. Went for 3 reps with about 10 sec to reposition in between each rep. 3 total sets. Not shown was the contrast set of 2 max effort vertical jumps with no weight. Beginners try a lightweight weight on your trap bar to start. Work on triple extension position. As you can see in my third rep my hips were starting to fall behind aka end of set 🙅🏻‍♂️ #jumpworkout #verttraining #tra#tra#trapbarlift #dunktraining #trapbarjumps #verticaltraining #verticaljrumptraining #jum#jumphigha> #jumptraining #jumphigh #trapbar #trapbardeadlifts #athletictraining #basketballconditioning #strenghtandconditioning #trapbardeadlift #speeddeadlift #powertraining #weightedjumps #plyojumps #deadlifting
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Should you use the trap bar? 🤔 - If you are a beginner and have access to one it is a great tool to use and an excellent way to learn. If hypertrophy is your goal, the barbell will yield bigger results and recruit more muscle fibers- specifically in the hamstrings. 💪💪 - #trapbardeadlifts produce less stress on the spine and allow you to exert more power. I like to do these for higher reps and really explode and let loose, building power through conditioning. 💥 Also, this specific @valorfitness_ bar has multiple grip settings for an added challenge! - If you want to work with a dedicated coaching team to help you build sustainable healthy relationships with health and fitness click the link in my bio to take advantage of our end of year special!
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Coach Beach on the road to a 700lb pull. Tried something new. Hit a 605 pull on the trap bar! Needed a break from normal deadlift. Use code MHB10 for 10% off #uxosupplements #wabdl #trapbardeadlifts #deadlift #powerlifting #usaplidaho
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