⚠️11 weeks ago, sitting in a chair was causing her pain. Read her story below 👇 . 🔹️Here is @nikolaa1812 (my girlfriend) Trap Bar deadlifting 65kg x 8 at 50kg bodyweight🔹️ . Nikola is hypermobile (very flexible), she has had lower back pain for a while, due to poor hip and core control and a lack of stability and stiffness in her muscles to support her joints. So what did we do? got her to lift heavy shit, and get her strong. She now has minimal back pain or pinching, she is doing all kinds of heavy lifting, and is physically moving and feeling better than she has in years! . with only 11 weeks of strength training, she has doubled her strength, she was doing only 32.5kg 11 weeks ago! . If you experience pain and tightness, poor posture and joint pains, for most healthy people, individualised progressive strength training is the cure, not cortisone injections, not bed rest, not even surgery. Move properly, learn to use your body the way it was meant to, and viola, strength and confidence in your body will replace joint pain, inflammation and tightness most people experience, who have simply accepted their situation and put it down to "genetics" or "age", which often just isnt the case . #strengthcoach #strengthtraining #fitness #health #mov#movement #rehab #get#getstrong #paincorrection #movement #deadlifts #trapbardeadlifts #getstrong #liftweights
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#filterisnecessary “Your power has always lived within you - claim it!” It’s neither graceful or pretty but it’s me trying new things, going out of my comfort zone and pushing myself in a way I haven’t before. 1 km ski erg with a time of 4:58 which was exactly my goal time 10 trap bar deadlifts (50kg) 10 flat chest press (10kg) 10 trap bar deadlifts (50kg) 10 barbell bent over row (20kg) 10 trap bar deadlifts (50kg) 10 cable seared row 10 trap bar deadlifts (50kg) 10 battle rope slams 10 trap bar deadlifts (45kg) 10 single leg Romanian deadlifts - each side (7.5 kg) 10 trap bar deadlifts (45kg) 10 slam ball over shoulder (18kg) 10 trap bar deadlifts (45kg) 10 trx squat to row 10 trap bar deadlifts (45kg) 10 barbell overhead press (15kg) 10 trap bar deadlifts (40kg) 10 dumb bell alternate snatch (7.5kg) 10 trap bar deadlifts (40kg) 10 slam ball slams (12kg) Finisher: 60 cals ski erg sprints I am considering myself sufficiently punished for breaking dry January 😂 Nice to see some arm muscle definition happening too :) Hard to believe that this morning I did not want to go to the gym at all. Now I am off for a 10k stroll :) #brokedryjanuary #muscledefinition #muscledefinitioninprogress #ski#skiergsprints #skierg #trapbardeadlifts #romaniandeadlift #flatchestpress #slamball #slamballslams #slamballovershoulder #goodworkout #wod #strengthtraining #weightlifting #dumbbellalternatesnatch #dumbellsnatch #firstgyminjury #soproud #releaseyourviking #vkngbuilt #tonedfit
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Another week another 10lb increase on my hex deads 💪😁 355 4x4 #trapbardeadlifts #hexbardeadlift #deadlift #powerbuilding #linearprogression #training #progress
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Trap bar deadlifts
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💥DEADLIFTS: BARBELL OR TRAP BAR?💥 - - - Follow kurtrawlinsfitness for 🔑 fitness and nutrition tips - - - Deadlifts: everyone loves them, and for good reason. They work every muscle on the backside of your body, are a true measure of strength, and a heavy deadlift makes you look like a badass. - However, they don’t come without their drawbacks. Deadlifts can be tough on the low back, especially as you get stronger. - I don’t care if you have picture perfect form, heavy deadlifts put a massive strain on your low back and dig into your recovery. In fact, if you are decently strong, I wouldn’t recommend deadlifting more than once or maximum twice per week. - Not everyone is built to deadlift a barbell from the floor. We all have different lever lengths, hip structures, etc. - And if you injure yourself deadlifting, guess what? You can’t train as hard. Low back injuries affect EVERYTHING you do physically, including putting on your socks (I speak from experience). - The trap bar deadlift - and specifically the high handle version - is a great alternative for those of you who can’t do barbell deadlifts without pain. By reducing your range of motion, you limit how much stress you put on your low back while still being able to train the backside of your body effectively. - Some of you have no problem with barbell deadlifts, and that’s great. Trap bar variations can still be a great version for you to strengthen your quads or in a phase where you want to put less stress on your low back. - What’s your favorite deadlift variation? - - - Tag a friend who could use this information👇 - - - #deadlift #deadlifts #trapbar #hexbar #trapbardeadlifts #hexbardeadlifts #weighttraining #weightlifting #strength #strong #strengthtraining #muscle #musclegain #gainingmuscle #musclebuilding #fatloss #heavyweights
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