Love how this photo shows you what our #TransitSeries gig bags can do! Thank you for sharing @Quetzal.Andrade
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Over the years we’ve watched our small OG family of local team riders grow. Some have even gone from having zero sponsors to being hooked up hard, travelling interstate and skateboarding overseas. Fucking legends, the lot of them. Catch Soggybones rider @bweirrr in the final @van@vanse #vanstransitseries EP “Chasing The Malacca” with a bunch of other heavy rippers. Now on @vans YouTube channel. 📷 @terry805285
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So Happy with my new Christmas Gift from the Wifey @gatorcases #Transitseries #BassGuitar Love it, will probably be my first review stay tuned ..... #bassguitar #gigbag
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