So stoked with how this painting collaboration turned out! You’ve been improving heaps and I’m glad to call you my friend! Love over fashion, dedication over laziness! Hope to see you tattooing the entire world soon ma nigga! @chrit___ Ps: Geisha is available to be tattooed! Hit me up if you’re keen to get it done!
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Still have space for my Friday 13th flash! Drop me an email at if you wanna grab one! Limited space left. @catscradletattoostudio 🖤
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Healed from a few weeks ago ! @broadsideswansea
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🌴🐅 tack @koffofsweden ✌️😬👍 Appointments 📩📩📩 >>> or send me a DM —————————— Next up: 23-24/3 @huckleberrytattoo 26/3-4/4 @queenstattoo026 6-8/4 @tatuointimessut 27-29/4 @svenskatatueringsmassan
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