Go to the original post to see all the pics! #Repost @ma_te_sai ・・・ Three of the four ethnic groups from our Muang Sing Project are the Tai Dam (1st photo), Ahka (2nd photo) and the Yao (3rd photo). While a few of their older products still sell in the shop, the numbers have fallen. We reworked some of these designs, while also introducing new ideas to preserve some of our favorite traditional techniques. . This can be tricky. By designing with the villagers ahead of time, we were reversing the system. Usually we would come into the village, pay for pre-made product, and bring it back to the shop. Without money upfront the women can be hesitant to put in the time and the work; They have seen many people come into the village only once or twice to buy product. By making multiple visits and recurrent small orders, we bind our relationships and build trust. . Also, if the women don’t like the design, or if we ask for a technique that is more time consuming, they resist with too high price points or by simply saying they cannot do it. This is understandable, as a day in the village is often already full of hard work and taking care of the children, but we do our best to try to find a middle ground. . Eventually Matesai would like to be able to design special artisan pieces with detailed, intricate work in the full quality of their traditional dress. Though, even then, you have to be able to find women who want to do it, who have a hand and and eye for it, and who enjoy doing it. . . . #matesai #artisanmade #remotevillages #ethicallymade #ecofashion #color #codesign #makersmovement #sustainableincome #sustainablebusiness #laos #ethnicity #supportlocal #responsiblefashion #traditionaltextiles #preservingheritage #traditionaltechniques #ethnicjewelry
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