Episode 6: “An Egg-Cellent Move” (Originally “No One Egg-Spects the Spanish Opposition”) Teams: Heroes: Mike Zoey Cameron ❌ (10/14) Sierra ❌ (13/14) Owen ❌(11/14) Courtney Lindsay ❌ (14/14) Villains: Heather Alejandro Gwen Duncan Lightning ❌ (12/14) Jo Scott The episode begins with the villains commenting how they’re “living like kings” and “there’s nothing the heroes can do about it” The next scene shows heather watching the footage of Courtney rigging the vote against Cameron. The next scene shows Heather and Alejandro agree to their alliance which neither plan to keep. Chris asks the campers to meet in front of the Spa Hotel because he has an announcement. Chris announces that he’s changing the teams to girls vs boys. And then makes a snarky remark about how much the heroes sucked. New Teams: ❤️- Originally a Hero 🖤- Originally a Villain Girls: ❤️Zoey ❤️Courtney 🖤Gwen 🖤Heather 🖤Jo Boys: ❤️Mike 🖤Duncan 🖤Alejandro 🖤Scott Eliminated before Merge 1: ❤️Cameron (10/14) ❤️Owen (11/14) 🖤Lightning (12/14) ❤️Sierra (13/14) ❤️Lindsay (14/14) Chris then announces that the teams will be going to the “Fun Zone” They are taken to the island via the boat of losers and arrive there. Chris announces that the Fun Zone is really where they are keeping the mutant creatures from season 4 and locks the campers in. The first team to get 6 eggs wins immunity from the vote. Chris also announces that the invincibility statue is hidden in the Fun Zone. The challenge begins and heather soon finds the idol. But this time, SHE DOESN’T FUCKING LEAVE IT FOR ALEJANDRO. The Boys win 6 eggs to 5 and the girls must vote someone out. Jo convinces Courtney and Gwen to vote for heather while heather works to convince Zoey that Courtney rigged the votes against Cameron. Heather and Zoey form a temporary alliance and Heather tells Zoey to vote for Jo. The ceremony happens and Chris announces that it was the quickest in Total Drama History. By a vote of 3-2, Heather is voted off. Heather cashes in her invincibility statue and Jo is forced to take the flush of shame. Chris then announces that another invincibility statue was hidden on Bony Island. Scott volunteers to find the idol.
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Which Total Drama Island ending did you see first?⠀ ⠀ ---⠀ For me, it was the Owen ending. I actually didn't know about the alternate ending until I went digging around on the internet. From watching, like I said in an earlier Instagram post, I prefer Gwen's ending, but both are really heartwarming.⠀ ---⠀ #tot#totaldramand #tdi #totaldrama #totaldramaaction #totaldramaworldtour #totaldramarama #totaldramaowen #totaldramagwen
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