Hors d’Oeuvres at Bacchanal! :)
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good food comes with good wine.🍷 — My third home cooking episode is brought to you by @masicanada . 🥘 — Visit the blog via the link in my bio to see why their Bonacosta - Valpolicella Classico Doc - is the perfect pairing to my beef moussaka! 🔥 — Happy National Wine Day! — #masiwineexperience #masiwines #drinkresponsibly #nationalwineday
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When your plan for staying active over the weekend is going for a walk...to pick up your food order from @foodora_ca ... and head back to bed. 🙈 — 📸 @emscourtney #foodora #breakfastinbed
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Cheers to the weekend, #dinerlife and #NationalWineDay!
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