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Microblading | Healed results ready for the touchup and shading! ✨• • 💜Have the perfect no-fill required, swim- proof, smudge-proof eyebrows. Virtually painless procedure using fine needles to imitate hair where there is a lack there of. Can be used alone or in combination with Shading. A touch-up appointment is suggested for ALL clients; 💉Healing period of under 1 week. 4-6 week wait for the touch up; ✅ Certified and Insured Technician; ⚠️ Blades and vegan 🌱 pigments are 100% Health Canada 🇨🇦 approved. Our blades are 100% DISPOSABLE including the pen individual to each clients visit.
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What day is today? It’s the Fearless Awards Celebrating Day. So so happy to Get 4 Awards from the Fearless Collection 45, touched another milestone of my wedding photography career. That’s the result of around 5 years hard working, absolutely that would never happen to me without the support of Fearless community. Fearless teach me how to be a better wedding photographer, how to be a better person and even teach me how to read and speak English. Thank you so much @huyhuy for what you did for the @fearlessphotographerscom Family where I have met so lots of amazing wedding photographers in this world, let me know here and there always has lots of talented people who do better than me. Thank you all the judges for your hard work, that should be very tight to choose amazing from amazing. Thank you everyone who always support me with your likes and let me know your opinions about how do you feel with my photography, which coming along with me and telling me that I am not the only single one person who really cares about photography- Wedding photography..... Congratulations to all the winners and here is whole awards gallery: https://www.fearlessphotographers.com/best-photography-gallery-list.cfm Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Now, it’s IPA time. PS: Toronto Workshop (2019May) announcement coming very soon, shoot me at cafaworkshop@gmail.com if you want me put your name on the Pre-Sale list. Thank you.
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What a beautiful bride @adawong7 made ❤️ It was such a pleasure working with you, beautiful woman inside and out! Swipe 👉🏻 to see the Esther’s beautiful makeup 💄 #bmada
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