Your past record of using drugs, sexual assault, divorce, waste, abuse of power, greed, hush money and at times complete hypocrisy makes it impossible to take anything you say politically serious. You live in houses with walls and fences around it with security guards at a gate asking for identification. You go to your award shows with armed guards and snipers on top of buildings. then you tell us how we don’t need borders and then go after the 2nd amendment. As a whole (not all of course) your views on politics come from a foundation that is shallow and immoral. We as Americans want you to stick to what you do best and that is act. We love you for this! We don’t love you for trying to use every opportunity to tell us your opinion, especially when anyone with a different opinion than yours is deemed a racist and a bigot and is sometimes even pushed out of your town. #maga #trump #trumpmemes #qanon #toosavagefordemocrats
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Don’t let the governments of the world get away with telling us how divided we are! They are manipulating you into thinking this is the majority! It isn’t! Yes there are the small groups who are idiots and have a divisive opinion and/or lifestyle. But it is a very small percentage! We as the majority have the power to let everyone know we are UNITED AS ONE! It’s time to unite as people and let the media and our politicians know enough is enough! We are together and together we are strong!!! #maga #trump #trumpmemes #qanon #toosavagefordemocrats
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I just bought a plot of land in Bel Air, Beverly Hills. You know the neighborhood that is surrounded by a wall and has security guards asking for identification as well as permission to enter the area. It is also where most of Hollywood lives. I bought the plot of land to house the incoming asylum seekers. I figured it would be the best place to put it as all of Hollywood agree we should let them all in! I will ask security at the gate to not worry about identification as they are probably all legitimate asylum seekers and won’t cause any issues. I think it’s a great idea don’t you? #maga #toosavagefordemocrats #trump #trumpmemes #qanon #allweareaskingistodoitlegally
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ATTENTION ALL SNOWFLAKES! WARNING!!!!!!! #maga #trumpmemes #qanon #toosavagefordemocrats
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It’s funny how people are moving out of California more than any other state. Then they go to another state and vote to make it just like California. #libtards #snowflake #fullretard #andrewgillum #fuckandrewgillum #toosavagefordemocrats #democrats #california
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