This is a message for @jayvinhiphop a known hater and professional internet troll who's been threatening me on here!! He USED TO BE my friend but now he's just hating 24/7 so I had to speak my mind. Stop being such a meanie >:( Don't threaten to come to my house!! Or I'll pamper the fuck out of you!! For real
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Make it happen, I know I will make it happen, if I said I'll make it happen, just know I will make it happen and I haven't even received the knowledge to fail Not pressured by the pressure, when all else is lost, I prevail #tokenhiphop @tokenhiphop
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Via: @Genius With these lines Token is likely addressing Eminem, who had previously thrown subliminal shots at Token in two of his songs. Specifically, he did so first in “Remind Me”, from his 2017 album Revival: But you must be tokin' if you think you’re takin' over my quarters and then in “Greatest” from the album Kamikaze, released in 2018: No more shiners, already too much time tokin' rappers I hear you talkin' shit, I’m just too big to respond to it In both albums Eminem shared his opinion on the modern mumble rap community and the problems he’s got with it. These statements resulted in a lot of people saying that Em now sounds like an “old angry man” who’s hating everything that’s new and trending. On the song “The Ringer” Em raps: Do you have any idea how much I hate this choppy flow Everyone copies though? Prob'ly no Get this fuckin' audio out my Audi yo, adiós I can see why people like Lil Yachty, but not me though Thus, while not being part of the mumble rap community himself, Token is taking their part by stating they’re making new and original content as opposed to Eminem’s “old” music.
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A track made almost 5 years ago produced by @statikselekt #Token is a huge success story in hiphop and I love his attitude and vibe and all that he brings to the table as a MC representing #Bos#Bostonop I ain’t clout chasing here, just thought it would be #cool to #share some old content with the #tokenhiphop fans @tokenhiphop @joynerlucas @millyz << 👑’s of #BostonHiphop best MC’s rn in #Boston ❤️ y’all are some amazing MC’s and FINALLY have some serious sick #talent representing our #city #insta #instahiphop #instamusic #instaverse #charliesheenwinning #QPsFor350 #BrickLaying #OldSchool #Lingo #BrickWeed 🤣🤣🤣💯💯🎄🎄🎄 #ShowoffRecords
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