I was feeling very pink this morning. 💕 . I’m posting this because I used to HATE burpees. They’re hard and they are kind of boring. But when this move showed up in my #strengthtraining workout, I was like... 🤯!! #mindblown . You guys, it was HARD, but it was something new and different from anything I’ve done before...and I LOVED it! 💗 I found myself embracing the burn and pushing harder, just to see what I could do. . People often tell me they don’t like working out at home, because they can’t “push” themselves. That they can’t stay motivated and accountable at home. ✊🏻 Guess what? I TOTALLY GET IT. It’s not easy, but once you’ve made it a #routine and a #lifestyle it does get easier! . Also, as a health & fitness #Coach, I’m here to do just that. To provide accountability. To help motivate you. To text you at 5:30am (when you’ve asked me to) to make sure you’re up and getting ready to work out! To share healthy recipes and nutrition tips. 🌱 Because fueling the body properly is JUST as important as moving it properly! . I’m not a trainer. Trust me, the trainers I follow are WAY MORE #motivating than I could ever be. So I’m always learning and growing, too! That’s why we all do this #TOGETHER. 💕 . If you’re struggling with motivation and accountability, let’s talk. I’d love to help you out. To hold you accountable. To help you PUSH PAST the mental and physical barriers, so that you get stronger! . What’s stopping you? Send me a message today, and let’s talk about your goals! 💗👍🏻 . Also...I promise, you don’t have to do the same thing I’m doing. There are hundreds of other workouts that you can do. Many of them do not involve crazy #burpees. 🤪
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והכל בו לבן ונעים ומרגיש לי בסדר כמו בשייט חלומות או בבית משוגעים. . #white #snow #snowy #winter #cold #ice #israel #israel_view #family #familytime #qualitytime #together #love #happy #smile #goodvibes #walk #instagram #חרמון #2019
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