Today’s food (was away for breakfast and lunch) ▪️breakfast - kedgeree - porridge with stewed apple - fruit ▪️lunch: - carrot and coriander soup - a selection of healthy buffet dishes - more fruit ▪️dinner: back home and made a prawn and veg linguine with chilli and garlic ▪️dessert: herbal tea only I’ve counted my HEB, HEA and full syns for the day for the meals out but I ate so well and everything was so SW friendly. #slimmingworld #sw #swuk #swfamily #slimmingworldfamily #swfriends #slimmingworldfriends #swmafia #swconsultant #slimmingworldconsultant #slimmingworldhanworth #todaysfood
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Yesterday...dropped what has to be one final food bomb, so it was a seriously good one. The Boot at Mappleborough Green - epic wagyu burger followed by an epic and impressive chocolate and peanut bomb. The little man was definitely impressed! . Time to get my head back on now though. Since coming off the bike, I’ve replaced my addiction to cycling with an addiction to food, and lots of it. It’s got too much now. At some point soon I’m going to get back on a bike. Right now I’m in no shape to do that. I love food but I’ve got to get back to smashing out the big kms so I can smash down the big calories. . . . . . #burger #burgerporn #foodporn #foodgasm #pudding #chocolate #dinner #instafood #weekend #weekendvibes #foodforthesoul #downtime #timeoff #recoverytime #feedfeed #thefeedfeed #spoonfeed #todaysfood #cyclist #cycling #cyclinglife #lovecycling #cyclingaddict #roadcycling #goals #focus #discipline #pride
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I’m finally getting in the Christmas season so I thought I’d make my house guest’s breakfast bowl a little festive today. Chocolate yoghurt bowl topped with @perkierfoods cacao and peanut bites and raspberries. I mixed some coconut yoghurt with cacao powder to make the chocolate yoghurt and it’s the right amount of bitter and least my house guest thought so 😄 Have a great start to the week guys!
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Första gången! Här ska det nu tillagas i ugnen spagettipumpa eller spaghettisquash som det också kallas. Den har vi fått av @helena.livet.naturen_ som odlats vid skolans trädgård där hon arbetar. Ska sedan ätas med en topping utav: tonfisk, persilja, vitlök, rödlök, tomat och oliver. Spännande!
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they do say chicken soup is good for the soul and I’ve gotta say it gave me all the cozy feels, like a warm scarf for your belly🧣 •2 tsp olive oil •2.5 cups @365@365@365bywholefoods egg noodles •1 cup chopped carrots 🥕 •1/2 cup chopped celery •8 cups @365bywholefoods low sodium chicken broth (I like using low sodium so I can add my own and have better control; I despiiiiise a super salty soup that has to be watered down!) •1 @365bywholefoods rotisserie chicken, shredded •2 cloves garlic, chopped •1/4 cup chopped onion •two handfuls @bright_farms local baby spinach •1/2 tsp dried basil •1/2 tsp dried oregano •1 tsp sea salt (or to taste) •1 tablespoon garlic powder • a healthy dash of black pepper when served (can become carcinogenic when cooked at high temps so it’s always best to add it at the end) simmer olive oil + veggies for 5-10 minutes Boil egg noodles in a separate pot, drain and set aside Add in seasoning, chicken, and broth to veggies in stock pot Bring to a boil Add in egg noodles Simmer on medium-low at least 25 minutes, adding spinach during the last 5 minutes serve into bowls + top with black pepper Grab a cozy spot and enjoy 🥣 what’s your fav food to help you warm-up? #detroitbrusselsharder
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