▪️TIME BLOCKING FOR THE WIN▪️Ok, I'm really going in on TIME this week, but stay with me. If you can get a grip on your time and use it efficiently then you're golden. You're busy, I get it and ain't nobody got time to waste right? So let's talk about why you should be time blocking; speaking of blocking, do you remember the colour blocking craze back then? I digress😀 ___ Time blocking refers to the process of organizing your day into time slots so that each hour of your day is accounted for. You're pretty much assigning a "task" to each hour of your day. Here's the thing though, you should time block based on what works for you.  Time blocking works for your 9-5 and your business. If your work schedule is flexible and you'd rather review numbers in the morning when you're more alert than at 3pm, then do so.  If you know that Friday nights are your "chill night" where you spend time with your family, then don't force any side-business work during that time. Here's how to get your time blocking game together: . ⌚ Take the time to plan your time. . ⌚ Be realistic about the time you allocate. . ⌚Remove distractions: when it's time to work, its time to work. Close unnecessary tabs, turn off your ringer. Do what you have to do. Afterall there is a time for everything, work and play alike. . ⌚ Follow the routine: for time blocking to work, you've got to stick with it. Don't try it one day and give it up the next day and pick it back up a week later. . ⌚ Color-code your time blocks based on the category you get familiar with your schedule quickly. . ⌚ Take stock of your time blocking schedule and review to see if its working. ___ Remember, how you choose to spend your 24 hours gets you closer (or further away) to your goals. ___ Do you time block?
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What is your golden hour for getting work done? Do you prefer the morning or the evening? Check out my top time management tip here! https://imbusybeingawesome.com/timeblocking/ ##imbusybeingawesome #happiness #balance #joy #lovinglife #organization #scheduling #getitdone #happyday #motivation #inspiration #success #successful #productivity #productive #goals #persevere #worklifebalance #dream #dreams #dreamer #timeblocking #timemanagement # #ambition #entrepreneur #hustle #grind #startup #startuplife #businesswoman
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10 quick tips for better time management • Create a daily plan • Set a time limit to each task • Use a calendar learn to say “No” • Target to be early • Time blocking • Set reminders 15 minutes before • Focus • Prioritize • Cut off when you need to #ipreview @preview.app
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Such an unbelievably stressful day. Thank God there’s boxing 🥊 🥊🥊 Game na Coach‼️ #stressbuster #boxing #elordemakati @elordetopteam #timeblocking #metime #discipline #lifeofarealtor
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🦆SLOW DOWN 🦆 I stopped this morning to take a picture of these guys on my morning “slog”. I love slowing down to really be present and take the time to enjoy the beauty around me even when it may seem like I don’t have the time or I have a ton of things to do👏🏽 • • • I find that when I am #busybeingpresent I don’t feel as “BUSY”. Focus on what is right before you and block or batch out time for things that matter! HAPPY MONDAY🙌🏽 • • • #deb#debtfreeclutterfree #debtfreecommunity #frugalliving #abundancemindset #bepresent #timeblocking #productivity #beproductive #enjoythemoment #enjouthejourney #freetofrugal #debtfree #itstartswithyou #batchcooking #batchfilming #batchALLthethings
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As promised, here's the weekly spread I set up in Yesterday's Plan with Me video. Looking at this again, I think I might even need to convert my "notes" column to another "tasks" column. I've got a lot to do this week. #bulletjournal #bujo #weekly #weeklyspread #plan #planning #planner #planwithme #zentangle #zendoodle #artjournal #projectmanagement #timemanagement #timeblocking
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Raise your hand if Mondays are tough for you… 🙋🏾‍♀️ I’ll be the first to raise my hand and be honest. Mondays used to be tough for me. Mondays can be hard if you don’t have the right strategy. 👈🏾 Reassessing my week + getting organized on the weekends is how I crush Mondays. 🧐 I laser focus on one major focus goal using my #Act#Act#ActionPlan strategy. ⏱ I use timeblocking to make sure I’m not being a ‘’superhero’’ only taking on the things that are practical and can accomplished in one day. 📝 If you missed #StrategySaturdays you can watch the replay + learn how I implement #timeblocking and my #ActionPlan™️ (Periscope.tv/ShaBreeEwusi)! • 🗒 Make sure you get the #ActionPlan so that you can laser focus on your goals and close the gap to accomplish your goals (www.shabreeewusi.com/theactionplan)! • 🧐 What’s your strategy to have a great week? #MotivationMonday
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One of the great killers of goals & dreams is DISTRACTION 😬. Sometimes it’s real like family issues, finances, or health. But more often it’s procrastination, poor planning, fear, or lack of focus 🤨. If you have a lingering project and find yourself distracted, I recommend just schedule the time to do it 📆✏️. Pick a day and block the time. If it is a project with several steps do one at a time - when you complete one step then schedule the next. Keep it simple!!!!! Once you are done, you will be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and relief!😅#keepitsimple #schedulethetime #accomplishgoals
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