Rescued Monarch chrysalises have joined some rescued Zebra butterfly eggs in my studio. While I await the birth of the Zebras, I’ll make these chrysalises able to be hung again. I don’t know if gravity affects the development of the butterfly developing inside, but it is essential for the future butterfly’s ability to fill its wings. I’ll return them to their distraught owner, who is furious about the construction workers who ignored her warnings. #metamorphosis #butterfly #threatenedspecies #theboundbybeautyproject #chrysalis #monarch #monarchbutterfly #beautifulnature #fostergardens
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Hoppy World Frog Day from this Critically Endangered mountain chicken (Leptodactylus fallax), one of the most threatened frogs in the world. I decided to post this pic today because I’ve previously been part of efforts to save them, so they're very close to my heart. They’re only found on Montserrat & Dominica in the Caribbean, although they also used to be found on several other islands in the region. Until relatively recently, overhunting for food was an issue (apparently they taste like chicken, hence their common name), but their biggest threats currently are habitat destruction, volcanic eruptions & the fungal disease chytridiomycosis. The chytrid fungus had a particularly devastating impact, & their decline is one of the fastest observed to date for any animal species. In 2017, it was estimated that there were only ~132 in the wild. The good news is that the total population is higher because frogs from both islands are part of breeding programs in Europe, & novel methods are being trialled to save the species. . It’s not surprising they were hunted for food - they're one of the biggest frogs in the world, with females reaching 20+cm long & weighing up to ~1kg! It's also not surprising that they're voracious predators & will eat whatever they can fit in their mouths. They shelter in burrows during the day, and males dig, & call from, nesting burrows during the mating season. When a pair starts mating, they spend hours building a foam nest (the female releases fluid that the male churns into foam with his hind legs) before the female lays her small clutch of eggs. Both parents guard the burrow. It takes ~45 days for the tadpoles to reach metamorphosis, & every few days, the female produces infertile eggs as food for them (maybe I should have saved this one for Mother’s Day!). Truly fabulous animals that we need to make every effort to save. But they’re not the only ones... . Globally, >30% of the almost 7,000 known anuran (frog & toad) species are threatened or near threatened, & another ~20% are data deficient (so we don’t even know enough about them to determine whether they’re threatened or not). Up next: what you can do to help save frogs 😊.
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Maravillosa y Majestuosa criatura. Eres HERMOSA ❤🐘 ELEFANTE AFRICANO (Loxodonta Africano) ESPECIE EN PELIGRO DE EXTINCION mayoritariamente debido a la caza furtiva para la obtencion de sus colmillos de marfil y por su carne. Se calcula que en tan solo 2009 se fabricaron más de 14000 productos a partir de colmillos y otras partes de su cuerpo. En Kenia entre 1973 y 1989 el 85% de la población de estos animales fue víctima del comercio del marfil. Durante el siglo XIX y XX la caza por deporte era una gran demanda por élites norteamericanas y europeas. La fragmentación y pérdida de su hábitat producida por la continua expansión de la población humana, es otra de las causas q hace que esta especie se encuentre en peligro. Según un censo realizado en 2014 el número aproximado de elefantes localizados en el Continente Africano es de 352000. Son animales muy inteligentes y crean unos lazos sociales entre ellos muy fuertes. Algunas de las posiciones que adopta su trompa nos indican lo siguiente: Trompa levantada: estado de alerta o posible peligro Trompa contra el pecho: disposición para atacar de forma inminente Extremo de la trompa sobre la boca o tocándose la oreja: sumisión #elefanteafricano#elefantes #elephant🐘 #africa #noalcomerciodemarfil #marfil #beautiful#nature##love#animals#especieamenazada#threatenedspecies#extinction#naturerescue#followme#photooftheday#like4like
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⏳Time is running out for little beauties like this Kauaʻi ʻamakihi. If you care about birds and are feeling charitable, it's hard to imagine any that need your dollars more than the forest birds of Kauaʻi 💸 They are at massive threat from avian malaria and introduced predators. Some species are predicted to be extinct in the wild within 5 years. Check out @kauaiforestbirds ( to learn more about their plight and to donate to the Kauaʻi Forest Bird Recovery Project's new crowdfunding campaign. Join the Swat Team! 😉 Mahalo nui loa! 💰💕🐤
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"People with no data aren't worth listening to." -- Michael Jones, Google's chief technology advocate . . Photo taken at Peoria Zoo, 2013. #giraffe #giraffes #zoo #giraffeaday #heartgiraffes #wildlife #quo#quote> #photooftheday #latergram #Ilovegiraffes #giraffeworld #giraffesofinstagram #quote #threatenedspecies #peoriazoo
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This new friend is a Prairie Deer Mouse. She’s hungry for some Pale Purple Coneflower seeds and wanted me to tell you that both of these species are vulnerable/ imperiled in Wisconsin. • I have exactly six weeks until install. What other threatened species would you like to see me paint? • #illustration #animalillustration #mouse #wip #linework #geometricanimal #geometricart #botanicalillustration #cuteart #threatenedspecies #acrylagouache
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The most curious, endearing Jay I’ve met 😚💙 #floridascrubjay #threatenedspecies #floridabirds
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A wee little piping plover surfing the sand waves in Barnegat, NJ. These little winged poofs are threatened or endangered throughout their entire range. This is due mostly to habitat loss from human activity, but they are also climate threatened. Climate change is real, and it’s trying to take our cutest bird poofs. One more reason to take action in your own life to lessen your carbon footprint. For fresh ideas, check the @finleysgreenleapforward Facebook page as we make daily posts leading up to our grant announcements on Earth Day! . Thanks to @shanmuga_photography and for the birding adventure! . #myclimateaction #climatechange #climatechangeisreal #bir#birding #pipingplover #migratorybirds #migration #migratorybirdtreatyact #plover #shorebird #threatenedspecies #endangeredspecies #puffball #puffbird #cute #adorable #weethings #jerseyshore #newjersey #barnegatlighthouse #njwildlife #wildlifephoto #birding @audubonsociety @natgeo #yearofthebird
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