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The day my last sibling @vickyclark29 got married! Take me back. Such a beautiful day! Now all is left is me and we are all married! 😍😁
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I was in Toronto on the weekend and had the pleasure of stopping by to see an amazing show by textile artist Shannon Bool. Her work is fascinating, both in the materials she chooses and what she does does with them. Also because Shannon was one of my childhood bff's. We lost touch when I moved from BC to Ontario when we were 12 and although we have reconnected through the wonders of social media, I haven't seen her in 30+ years. It was totally surreal to be in this gallery knowing that the incredible work before me had been created by the same goofy girl I used to know. She was always artistic but who knew she'd grow up to be this amazing?! This got me thinking about childhood self vs adult self. What stays and grows with us and what gets left behind? If there's one thing you could share with your long lost childhood friend who hasn't seen you in forever, what would you like them to know about the current you? What's the same? What's different? . . . . . . @eeatyourmakeup #childhoodbff #growyourgifts #torontoartgalleries #torontoontario #the6ix🍁 #myhowyouvegrown #artistfriends #whatifitoldyou #admiration #thisisme #comoxvalley #alonglongtimeago #gettingtoknowyou
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I'm hungry :') - Q: love someone too much M: yeah 😳☕
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This is me. •This is a woman that loves to dance alone and with kids at home, in the clubs with friends, on stage in front of audiences. •This is a woman that has spent a lifetime trying and failing to look whatever way most of society thinks she should. •This is a woman that battled an eating disorder alone that very few people knew about. Twice. •This is a woman that is raising girls and hoping they will have an abundance of self confidence and self love. •This is a woman that is usually afraid to make a post like this because of how other people will respond. •This is a woman that loves to dance. The rest doesn't matter when she dances. Her value is not determined by the size and shape of her body, her age or by other people's opinions! This is me. #ihaveembraced #embrace #bodylove #bopo #bopowarrior #loveyourself #empowered #empoweredwomen #lovetodance #livetodance #liveyourlife #dance #bellydance #joy #authentic #realme #gratitude #thisisme
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