oh my love. you will have to get up & go to work even though the police have killed another black boy & it hurts like a bomb went off in your soul & some People around you keep talking about.choices.& fear & how policing is a tough job. you will have to put on a clean outfit today. you will have to make yourself. presentable. your fingers will have to go to work at the tasks. at the to-do list of the day & none of the things on that to-do list will bring that boy back to life. & you will have to go & sit in meetings & see co-workers whose eyes are shining in ordinary delight. perhaps you will want to smother them with obituaries for children killed while playing in parks, walking down sidewalks, or running & trembling. perhaps today, you will consider things more extreme than marching & chanting. perhaps today you will cry openly at your job. you will not be able to put this into a pocket. perhaps today it will leak out all over the sidewalks & everything will be blue.: i will be there with you. #antwonrose #antwonrosejr #hewas17 #3shotstotheback #thisisterrorism #thisisamerica #weepopenlytoday
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