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Viendo Matrix en el proyector en casa de @uanjoze . Una de mis pelis favoritas de siempre. Ni se cuántas veces la habré visto. La habéis visto? Os ha gustado? #thematrix #matrix #neo #morpheus #morfeo #warner #thewachowskis #wachowski #tra#trainingram #training #martialarts
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ok I’m not kidding about this one took three surreptitious pics of NEO three only and in all of them he is in the exact same pose the matrix is real and the wachowskis are BACK #thematrix #thewachowskis #michaelbay #blockbuster
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In 2016, I met Lana Wachowski at Mrs. Cho's apartment when she was filming Sense8 season 2 in South Korea. I am a huge fan of her since I was 15. There were so many staffs around her, and they laughed like sitcom laughter effect. Yes, I was like, "Hi, Lana. I am a big fan of you since I was a kid. I think I am the biggest fan in Asia." Jesus. I was like 15-year-old girl. Lana was so kind and generous. I spent time with her about 20 to 30 minutes. She read my letters and opened the presents. Some gentle handsome man helped with my bags during get these autographs, I didn't know who he was. After I came back home, and realized... he was a famous cinematographer "John Toll". Christ. By the way... I could not say "Goodbye" to Lana properly. Because that kind of miracle moment will never happen again. More over, I turned my head when she came to me for a photo later. Ridiculous but true. It was only possible because Doona helped me. One day before, I met Doona for the first time in my life too. I will talk about the story later to you. I share my treasure and memory of the day with you all. I wish I could meet you all someday. My inspirations. @ginagershon @jennifertilly @joe_e_pants #lanawachowski #ginagershon #jennifertilly #joepantoliano #boundthemovie #sense8 #thewachowskis
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Dear @showgirlsthemovie ❤ This is what the Wachowskis said at "The Guru Show" in South Korea in 2013. Korean sub doesn't explain the reference, but I screamed when I heard they said "Push him down the stairs". I could hardly believe my ears. At the prime time talk show in South Korea, the Wachowskis are talking about Showgirls? I was so excited. More over, Andy(Lilly) adds "Like Showgirls" for the hosts to understand. So kind and funny. I just wanted to share this precious moment with you. Thank you for sharing the valuable & priceless stuff with us. I am a huge fan of Showgirls and Bound. By the way, Lana & Andy seem to be named one of the main character of Sense8 "Nomi" after "the Nomi". 🌝 #thewachowskis #showgirlsthemovie #sense8 ❤ 2013년 1월. 워쇼스키 선생님들이 <무릎팍 도사>에 출연하시어... 3인자에게 2인자를 "계단에서 밀어 버려요."라고 했을 때 소리 지른 분 여기 붙으세오...... ㅎ 자막에는 나와 있지 않은데 이것은 영화 <쇼걸>을 빗대어 한 농담이고, 한국의 황금 시간대 토크쇼에서 B급 컬트 영화의 내용을 기초로 한 넝ㅋ담을 듣는다는 건 예상조차 못 했었기에 저에겐 넘나 빅-계 모먼트인 것이었습니다. 흑흑. 더구나 "계단에서 밀어 버려요."하고서 이해하지 못 할까 봐 "<쇼걸>에서처럼요."하고 레퍼런스까지 설명해 주는 구 앤디 현 릴리의 정성. 넘나 친절하고 또 웃긴 것. 껄껄. 하... 눈물 좀 닦고. 참, 덧붙이자면, <센스8>의 노미는 <쇼걸>의 주인공 노미 멀론의 이름에서 따온 듯 보여요. 🌝
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Channelling my inner "Morpheus" ..... This is what a discounted "less-cooler" version would look like it . I think it's safe to assume #thewachowskis did a better choice choosing to cast @reallaurencefishburne than me #thematrix #funny #spoof #random
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