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Like this if you agree! ~ Betsy Devos has brought her terrible values to the Department of Education
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What are doing to help the Blue Wave?
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“you can’t play golf in the snow, you stupid ass,” is objectively one of the funniest things I’ve ever read on Trump’s twitter feed. this exchange is more than 5 years old with Lord Sugar, the guy who hosted the UK version of The Apprentice. here’s a good example of Trump, totally unprovoked, taking to Twitter to pick on a random target just to stir shit up and in the process, he truly blesses us with a gem that is left to stand for all of recorded history. ⛳️
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We cosplay project means new phone wallpaper to keep me focused on my goal! ...or something like that 😘 #poedameron #cosplaygoals #starwars #thelastjedi #theresistance #xwing #rebel #poehotdamneron #spaceboyfriend #spacedaddy #favorite #oscarisaac #things #stuff #beepboop
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