When the mind is calm, how quickly, how smoothly, how beautifully you will perceive everything ❤️ __ Five of my favourites in one picture ~stretching, conscious breath, harmonium, comfy environments and @sigismondiphotography behind the lense. __ Find what calms and inspires you and come back to it everyday. Repitition builds mastery and the thoughts we have feed and determine the cells in our body. __ How interesting to think our thoughts create the building blocks of our body from the messages our mind gives our cells that are multiplying every second 💥 (watch the movie "What the bleep do we know" for more about this and I'm suddenly inspired to share another post w the quantum physics view on reality 🤓). ___ In essence we are •Master alchemists• so be sure the activities you chose enhance your mind in such an inspired way that the best version of yourself manifests.. __ Thanks @aranwahotels for the upgrade to one of the most grand hotel suites I've stayed in ~If your in the sacred valley, Peru be sure to check them out! __ Lots of love and happy weekend 🌸 . . #thepresentisawareness #selfmastery #kalpanaradhikayoga #vibrantliving #beinspired #thoughtscreatereality
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To become truly great one has to stand with people not above them. ~Montesquieu __ This speaks to me as our spirit can stand great adversity, but if you want to test a persons character, give them power. We need humble leaders that understand the equality and magnificence of EVERY individual. __ Yes we ALL have our ups and downs and may meet at varying cycles of our life. Sometimes we may be down, yet the evolved leader does not discriminate and honours with compassion these cycles within the human experience. ☮️☯️ . . I have many new exciting surprise announcements (knowone knows of these yet so I'm so excited to share) for this year w limited intake for participants so if you would like to be the first to have the option, please sign up to my newsletter, link in bio! Next newsletter sent day after tomorrow ❤️ . Much love Rādhika . . 📸none other than @sigismondiphotography ❤️ Clothes from my shop @kale.and.karmas . . . #lovewins #thepresentisawareness #breathmastery #vibrantliving #kalpanaradhikayoga
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Pain is a way to kick our butts and put us in accelerated learning; The universes way of pinching us to get us to turn in the right direction 💛 __ The more we tune into this we realise life is happening for us and just as a flower grows in perfect time in a perfectly designed manner, our lives are always in divine order. Gifting us what we need to realise, grow & expand. #trusttheprocess 🌷 . . 📸@kestyoga . . Excited for new 2019 Teacher Trainings and retreats in this magical location (resting on rose quartz crystals) for extra heart expansion & transformation. Who’s coming? @thailandinsider (Link in bio) . #vibrantliving #thepresentisawareness #love
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Just as the tree is given strength to traverse the most inhostpitible snow seasons, so to our human spirit can withstand any winter of trials. Know that during these times the summer always comes and the blossoming occurs again. __ With trials I try and remind myself that in a week, two years, 5 years the issue in question will be completely forgotten (esp. if we are doing clearing work/ wiping the slate clean w practices). What is the point in letting unnecessary mental constructions take our energy? __ Yin and yang are inseparable and the tables always turn. 🌸 #lovewins #vibrantliving #thepresentisawareness __ W ma buddies @kestyoga & @dyln.mltn . . wearing @prana
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What we judge we become. ~ poignant words by my beloved Guruji His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami __ It makes sense when we think of the concept where attention goes energy flows. __ One of my first mentors shared with me once, of when he was living with jñāna masters in the Himalayas during the 70's. He was told by one Master "Be careful how long you stare at that eagle, you may become that in the next life " 🦅 __ Be mindful of thoughts they move things. In one way or another. ❤️ Happy new moon #intentions Love u Rādhika . . . @briancrawfordphotography Space @vikasayoga #thepresentisawareness
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New magical offerings in Koh Pha-ngan in the warm Gulf of Thailand. Registration is now open for all trainings (see link in Bio) . __ If you are not on our newsletter list and would like to receive additional information and special offers (just sent out today) DM me and I will send you a special link. Much Love! . . . #radhikayogateachertraining #kalpanaradhikayoga #vibrantliving
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Your diet is not only what you eat. It’s what you watch, what you listen too, what you read, the people you hang around. Be mindful of the things you put into your body, emotionally, spiritually and physically. @jayshetty __ One defining element to my own personal growth has been letting go of situations that did not nurture higher principles, which were arising from my resolve to grow and expand in curious ways. __ I started making the conscious choice to remove myself from certain people and social interactions over 10 years ago and for some time this was isolating and I wondered where my place was in the world. __ Yet I trusted my inner voice and surrendered to the yogic lifestyle I was diving very deep into. __ In time with perseverance on my path I was gifted so many things. Aligned friendships, a yoga school, and most of all profound personal growth. __ These days I flow more along the middle path with more of a sense of who I am, a more defined sense healthy boundaries and discrimination entering life’s manifestations in a more intergrated way. ___ Sometimes we need time out to recalibrate and redefine who we are, what values are important to us and what supports us continually growing into the best version of ourselves. __ Stay true and keep doing you.. 🌟only good can come of this! . You are loved 💗 #trust . . @briancrawfordphotography __ Next 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Retreat KOH PANGHAN, THAILAND March 5 - 21 (so excited to host in this beyond exquisite location!!!) Link in bio ~
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Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. __ 2018 for me has really been about identifying what makes me feel alive and what situations have run their course. __ We’ve all heard the only constant is change. Yet, how well do we cope when life nudges us with signs that it’s time to let go of things that we identify with, to give us a sense of self or of being ok? __ I feel life is a ‘constant’ checking in & being ready to continually let go where needed. Somethings may make us feel safe yet they may not be aligned in a way to help us contact, expand and grow in all corners of our being. __ A ship is safe in the harbour yet it’s not where ships are meant as the saying goes. __ Funnily enough it is often pain that helps us intergrate our shadows & our light so I’m grateful for 2018 for gifting that opportunity over & over. __ How has 2018 been for ya’ll? I’d love to here. From my side I can say it’s been HUGE. So many changes, closed doors.. and with that open doors.. change is our friend. Resisting will only cause dis-ease. __ On a side note I’ve not been to active here while relocating to Koh Panghan Thailand. Living on land that is formed over crystals feels very special and for the 1st time in a long time I feel like I’ve found my niche. Thank you @nailia_writer for looking after me so well while I settle and to all the new amazing amazing tribe I’ve met. Looking forward to a whole host of programmes here by this gorgeous ocean! __ Much love IG Fam 😘 Image: 1 & only @kestyoga 🌴@vikasayoga #movingmeditation
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