Y’all, I am soooo nosey. Like, creep in your medicine cabinet nosey. 😂Naturally, I love reading about people’s skincare/makeup/what I pack/etc. posts. Today #ontheblog {www.candidalexandra.com} I’m sharing my nighttime skincare routine. 💅🏼So, if you’re nosey like me or looking for some new product recommendations click the #linkinbio 💕
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Y’all, ads are EVERYWHERE on social. Do you need ‘em? Should you avoid ‘em? Will it be a big, giant turn-off for your followers, or will it make your biz get SEEN? (That’s the goal, yeeaahhhss?) . Ads on social ARE going to grow in 2018. BREATHE. You can figure this out and navigate it for YOUR biz. I have some ideas. (You know I do!) So let’s talk. Or just tell me what you think: Are ads a must or are you all about organic growth? 🍃 📸: @stevierotellaphoto
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Have you ever thought to yourself while reading an Instagram caption or email, "I wish I could sound just like THAT.” • I used to get copy envy all the time too. I longed to vaguely emulate the bold and brazen tones adopted by my American peers, but never quite found my own Australian audience resonated with such brashness. • That's when I decided I needed to define an authentic brand voice that was true for me. Which is why I created a unique step-by-step process that's taken me, oh, about four years to really refine. • And now, I'm sharing it with you inside my new eBook. • Want it? Click my bio link to learn more and find out what’s inside.
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The best designs are always simple. You might think that more is better, but think again. I’ve seen designs in the past where they have so many different typefaces and well that is definitely something to make a face cringe! So if you didn’t already know, stick to 2-3 typefaces and you’ll have a great looking design. 👍🏻😀
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Piyo - Define: Upper Body (Day 2)!!! 💪 . One of my FAVE moves from today was, as Chalene put it, "This is BEAST!!!" And I totally felt like one doing this move!!! 😎 . I LOVED today's workout because it's even shorter than yesterday's...but boy...I was already sore from yesterday and I'm DEFINITELY gonna feel THIS in the morning!!! 😣 . But...ahhhhh...!!! It feels sooooo good to feel sooooo sore!!! 😍
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