Desenho Industrial 2002 “Vida - Eu sou de ambas as suas direções. De alguma forma permanecendo de cabeça para baixo na maior parte mas forte como uma teia de aranha no vento - eu existo mais com a geada fria e cintilante.Mas os meus raios borbulhantes têm as cores que vi nas pinturas - ah vida eles traíram você.” . . . “Life - I am of both of your directions. Somehow remaining hanging downward the most but strong as a cobweb in the wind - I exist more with the cold glistening frost. But my beaded rays have the colors I’ve seen in a painting - ah life they have cheated you.”
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Sometimes you gotta make somethin' dumb 😂 Also, I've officially changed to @madlovecreativeco! More on that in the next post!
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I’m so ready for warmer weather and spring flowers. And those spring flowers have been showing up in my dye pots. ⠀⠀ There will be lots of spring inspired yarns in this weeks update like this one - Wildflowers. This colorway literally makes me think of walking through a field of wildflowers on a warm sunny day. It would look great as a spring shawl to add a little pop of color to your wardrobe or socks. ⠀⠀ Shop update is tomorrow at 4:00 PM PDT. - #kni#knitternstagram #knittersgonnaknit #kni#knitting #makersgonnamake #knitsagram #knitting #knitter #instaknit #knittersofig #indiedyers #indiedyersofinstagram #handmade #etsy #handmaker #projectbag #shopsmall #bagmaker #teamthrivercircle #thehandmakersbag #twigsandtwineyarnco #thehandmakersbag2018 #solopreneur #handmadelove #thehandmadeparade #supporthandmade #createandthrive #createeveryday #creativityfound #makesomething #wearethemakers
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Charlize Chevron is a happy mix of gold painterly strokes and white paper raffia chevron tassling. Super duper lightweight, like I can barely feel them on my ears, they weigh in at 2 grams per earring. This is a design that can really pack a punch with any outfit. @woodlandphotography @mrswoodland_hmu_styling @jadewood_design @tahlee_woodland
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Paloma has just been restocked, along with Capri! 👌 In winter I'm going to wear my Paloma with my grey and black spot jumper and @justjeans denim jacket! #lionaleedesigns
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Say it with a candle 💖 Our bridesmaid scented candles are available in our shop now 🌸💜🦋
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