A two day International Symposium: All Power to the People! will take place at @westdenhaag (Lange Voorhout 34) from the 28th - 29th of November. Find out more about the symposium and how to purchase tickets on their website! #west #westdenhaag #allpowertothepeople #symposium
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Back to the rhododendron forest! While it was in the middle of October and it was supposed to be autumn, I found all these little pink flowers. Does anyone know what they are called? I don't recognise them! • • • #contrast #globalwarming #globalwarmingisreal #flo#flowersam #flowers #daretoask #clingendael #awesomeearth #naturelover #plantstagram #botanicalpickmeup #autumn #dutchautumn #herfst #thehague #thisisthehague #behague #thehague4you #thehague_070 #highcontrast #livethelittlethings #plantsmakemehappy #nature_brilliance #unlimitedparadise #sunshine #dailydoseofcolor #colorventures #coloraddict
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Couple of years ago I couldn’t give a presentation in front of my friends. I got nervous, was reading the PowerPoints, was presenting bullshit and I had no clue what I was talking about. Couple of days ago I participated in a 32-hour @Bitcoin Cash Hackathon in Amsterdam. It was an amazing Hackathon with 100+ participants and 13+ teams with brilliant ideas, great mentors and great organizer as @btc_com_official The day didn’t start well. I missed the train like I always do. The next train would arrive 9:04 at the destination so I had to take the taxi to be on time 9:00. Once I arrived, I felt the vibe of like-minded ambitious entrepreneurs. I felt something different in the air. I believe Blockchain technology is going to be disruptive. Cryptocurrencies are just a small part of the technology. Crypto is mostly owned by people who don’t understand Blockchain at all. Bitcoin has the potential to do to the banks what Email did to the postal industry and what WhatsApp did to messaging. I was sitting and listening to the pitches from other participants. Out of nowhere I decided to pitch one of my Blockchain idea’s. Suddenly I was freestyling my idea in front of 100+ English speaking enthusiastic developers, entrepreneurs from USA, UK, Australia and many more countries. The split second I decided to stand up and pick the mic I have become a totally different person. Lessons I learned: I realized that I wasted too much time and energy in the past years to ask friends to come with me to business/IT events & holidays. Please don’t waste your time! You don’t need anybody or any validation, appreciation from anybody to go where you want to go. You will meet like-minded people on the spot! So, don’t think too much, just GO solo! For cool things to happen, you have to get out of your comfort zone and remember life begins at the end of your comfort zone! Last but not least Do one thing every day that scares you the most & after some time all the things will be scared of you and you will gain strength, courage and confidence! Have you ever missed any events because your friends couldn't / didn't come?
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Vandaag begint het Whisky festival in de Grote Kerk in Den Haag! Drie dagen lang honderden whisky's proeven. Bij #deB#deBieB om de hoek! 🤗 . TIP: Heb je na al die drams zin in een vette bek? Zet dan je tanden in onze Smokey Bourbon cheddar bio burger! 🍔🦖 . . . #whiskyfestival #whiskyfestivaldenhaag #deBieB #DenHaag #theplacetobieb #letsbiebtogether #thehaguecity #thehague_070 #CafedeBieB #cafedebieb070 #TheHague #veenkade #denhaagcity #denhaaghotspot #denhaag070 #thehaguesfinest
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