Happy 4️⃣th barkday to my cousin Maserati! 🐾🎉🎊🎂
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Thank you to all my dog and hooman frens for coming out to my super late barkday pawty! I appreciate all the pets and presents, but most of all, your company! 🐾
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Didn’t get any turkey 🦃 this year, but I’ve been working on this giant bone for the past few days.
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Best thing to do when it’s raining is to nap! 🌧😴
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Happy Monday, frens! I went to the vet today and I get to keep my ovaries for another month! 😏🎉
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Thank you cousin @snickers.n_the_morkie and @brindlepack.baml for my birthday presents! I’m so excited for new toys!! 😍😍
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