Happy tricep Thursday you beasts and beastettes. Train until they look infected πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š @buildyourownbody_flagstaffkrav #pawlickimethod #thefiercefamily #whatsyourchallenge
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I try to wake up every morning and remind myself that nothing is owed me. We create our own joy. The more I practice this understanding the better and better life becomes around me. @buildyourownbody_flagstaffkrav #pawlickimethod #thefiercefamily #whatsyourchallenge
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Fierce...... Love that I get to spend time with my Fierce Family on a Monday doing things that keep our bodies and minds engaged and strong. #fitnessforlife
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Any good system is worth your time, but, you might not have the time for every good system. Train Krav Maga and incorporate them all. Train with a purpose. @buildyourownbody_flagstaffkrav #pawlickimethod #thefiercefamily #whatsyourchallenge #Borg
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#whatsupwednesday Self defense Tip: Arriving Home. Check before going inside your house. If there is anything bad going on in there, and it has plans for you or your loved ones, it better think again πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š @buildyourownbody_flagstaffkrav #thefiercefamily #pawlickimethod #whatsyourchallenge
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I love the way my son looks at me. He gets this look as if to ask, "is there anything my dad can't do?" Kids make us want to be better versions of ourselves. @buildyourownbody_flagstaffkrav #pawlickimethod #whatsyourchallenge #thefiercefamily
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We all have our daily battles. Sometimes you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed and have chip on your shoulder. Maybe you have lost loved one, or your life is in danger. I find that these 6 focus points keep me prepared for anything life likes to challenge me with. Feel free to share. @buildyourownbody_flagstaffkrav #pawlickimethod #whatsyourchallenge #thefiercefamily
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What's Up Wednesday!!!!!! Remember to follow all our social media sites for tips from our upcoming book, The Fierce Family! @daniel_pawlicki_creations @fiercelyfemalesarahpawlicki @faith_pawlicki
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