I don’t post a lot of selfies, but when I do... 🔥 - Cheers to the weekend!!
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When your life is so minimalistic all you have for two years are two packs, one for winter and one for summer with everything you need to survive the worst of the worst....you soon learn what’s essential and that every gram counts. When I started my pack was a ridiculous 45+kg and by the end I’d gotten that same pack down to 28-30kg with everything including 14 days worth of food. Pictured is my winter pack with everything needed to survive down to -26 complete with rescue rope, ice axes, crampons, snow shovel and alpine tent. I camped at the highest point of the north island this night.
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Sunset at the water. 🤙
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lying on the grass talk is so old. livin’ under orion we grew so bold.
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