A few drone shots from #vancecreekbridge #thatpnwbridge
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Milkyway express. 🚂🚃🚃 • • Probably the sketchiest shoot location I have ever been to with @sea@_leahy_photo • 📷Pentax K1 Tamron 28-75mm @ 28mm 🌌Stars: Shot at 2:45am 2 minute exposure(astrotracer) ISO 400 F/3.2 🛤Foreground: Shot at blue hour 1/10th shutter ISO 100 F/8 Edited in Lr and Ps
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"Don't expect to be alone out there" the Ranger warned us when we requested a backpacking permit for Washington's coast, on memorial day weekend. I nodded, no stranger to the beach on a sunny day. - Sure enough, it was crowded. When we reached our overnight destination, tents dotted the beach. Smoke rose every 20 yards from the numerous campfires, people were walking on the beach, stretched out in hammocks, throwing frisbees. - There is a lot of consideration going into leave no trace ethics when it comes to sharing locations on social media. Horror stories of #thatpnwbridge and #horseshoebend haunt when we think about people discovering our secret, wild places. I certainly have locations I choose not to share with people and think it is an important part of #leavenotrace considerations. - However, I think when we are so busy espousing solitude and hidden places, we can sometimes forget the joy of finding a busy place in the wild. There is something special about arriving somewhere that took a couple headland crossings with a rope and trekking on the sand to get to, then looking around and seeing people just as excited as you are to be there. - As the water pulled back revealing intertidal organisms, the crowd rushed in, eager to explore and excited to share. People congregated around the water source and we talked about gear and how we were the lucky ones. It can be miraculous to be alone in the great outdoors, but sometimes it feels pretty amazing to realize there is a group out there that loves it just as much as you do. Others who can also see the magic. . . . . . . . . . . . . #PNW #nature #washingtonstate #theNWadventure #lifeofadventure #wanderlust #nwisthebest #upperleftusa #thatpnwlife #herpnwlife #optoutside #neverstopexploring #adventurethatislife #lifeiswonderful #pacificocean #beach #coastal #explorewashington #beachhike #wanderwashington #washingtonexplored #livewashington #natureaddict #washingtonhikersandclimbers #olympicnationalpark #onp #findyourpark
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