Three years ago today, I welcomed my first litter of piglets, into this big beautiful world. It was a nerve racking, stress mess for me, my big mama was a pro, calm cool and collective. 🤷‍♀️ but to be honest, I didn’t have a damn clue, as to what I was doing, if everything was ok and what signs to look for, if something was terribly wrong. Then again, we live in the age of technology and I was searching for everything, related to pig births. Everything worked out and it was hard to get me out of here, because let’s face it, piglets are the most resilient new born animals, out there. One minute they are taking their first gasp of air and wobbly, five minutes later, they are running around, still a little wobbly, but well onto their fighting for a nipple phase 😂 I love the grunts the mamas make, to let them know she’s moving, she’s going to lay down or the hey, get back over here, mama grunt 💚 even if these are terribly stressful moments, in the end it’s worth every minute of it. It teaches us things about ourselves, that we wouldn’t even know, if we wouldn’t have just tried. I know I jumped in head first, with the pig breeding and I have some regrets, but they were true learning experiences, that you couldn’t even learn about or begin to really understand, in any classroom or tv series. My heart is in the sun, out in the dirt, and surrounded by animals 👩‍🌾💚😉 my sweet mama scarlet, has already told me she’s ready, for more babies 🤦‍♀️ she jumped out to hangout by my boar 🐷 #farmlife #learningexperience #lifewithpigs #flashbackfriday #tattooedfarmer #circleoflife #gratitude #blessedfarmer #thankthecreator #givethanks #lovelife #springfever #iwantmorepigletstoo #sunflowergoods
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Sure I have a Tacoma, but I wouldn’t change it for the world 😉 might not be the traditional farm truck, however I’m not the traditional farm girl either. I’m blessed to be able to welcome my piglets, into the world and take them to the butcher. It’s hard to say goodbye, especially to this short stout little gal. She’s ever so sweet, she slowly inched her way up and into the final feast. I thanked her for all her chaos free time, her sweet love and finally all the meals she will provide, not for my family but for others 💚👩‍🌾😌 it’s a hard time to not have tears flowing, I watched them come into this beautiful big world. All but a few pounds, wiggling around taking their first gasps of air, to jump right into nursing and battling each other to nurse. Then I play with them, spoil them with tons of beer grain and fresh veggie scraps, daily. Sure I’ve put way too many miles on my truck, foraging around town for beer grain and scraps, but in the end, it’s totally worth it and all my frustrations, along the way 😌 #circleoflife #farmlife #saddays #gratitude #timetosaygoodbye #birthtobutchertofreezer #tattooedfarmer #tacomalife #pigfarmer #feedingthevalley #thepartihate #timetothankyou #thankthecreator #thankstolife #hugafarmer #valleylife #cloudydayisfitting #sunflowergoods
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When the ppl you love are banking on (but still a little scared) that their fuck ups will be forgiven because they know you practice yoga and “mediate at the park” you know you have #evolved 🧘🏻‍♀️ 😆#neverstopimprovingyourself #theoldme vs #thenewme #itslove #theyknowmetoowell #imstillmadtho #itscalledgrowingup #thankthecreator
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Today Florida brought a beautiful double rainbow for us to see! #doublerainbow #watercolor #watercolorinspiration #naturalbeauty #thankthecreator
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The human body is a healer by design! Having the ability to regenerate our cells is truly remarkable! This is because we were created to thrive as a species! Remember to thank your body for all of the hard work it does to keep us functioning day after day! Our bodies were designed by a very intelligent creator!• • #thehumanbody #cellregenration #dnaregeneration #selfhealing #thankthecreator #intelligentdesign #createdtothrive #wearehealers #wearecreators
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Thanks to the @bufflaxacademy for the invite to their youth training. Our players got to educate and give back to the younger generation in order to #growthegame . Building a relationship with the local clubs/HS is part of the “Big Picture” for our program. #thankthecreator #lacrosse #HilbertCollege #NCAAD3 #CollegeLacrosse #Education #HilbertLacrosse #studentathletes #DirtyBirds #Season2 #lacrosselife #collegelacrosse #ncaalacrosse #laxlife @diii_lacrosse @neacsports @hilbertcollege
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