Happy birthday TT.
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Happy Birthday to the OG cozy goddess herself @teyanataylor. You are a prime example of what a cozy girl should be. Strong, loving, confident, courageous and unapologetically herself at all times. Keep inspiring, keep creating dope content and most importantly keep being YOU! 💜#happybirthday #teyanataylor #sagseason
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We’re living in a time where it’s hard to find love. But every so often God sends you someone that can be your “Homie” way past “I Do”. @teyanataylor & @imanshumpert are the perfect example of what happens when you fall in love with your Homie and sparks fly. I wish you guys a long blessed relationship and continue making each other smile. Continue to add little ones to that beautiful family. ❤️ | #HomieChallenge | December 14th #teyanataylor #imanshumpert #teyanaandiman
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THE ROSE FROM HARLEM 🌹 😍#HOTSHOTS! The beautiful and multitalented #TeyanaTaylor celebrates her 28th birthday today. Sheesh, it seems like just yesterday we were watching her come out of the Barbie box in MTV’s #SuperSweet16 .. that might be before some of y’alls time. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY @teyanataylor 🎉 #teyana #teyanaandiman #ktse #keepthatsameenergy #ktsetour #goodmusic #roseinharlem
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