Mathilda: Is life always this hard, or is it just when you're a kid? _ Léon: Always like this. _ "Some people are tuned in to life's pain, sooner than others." -Me _ They are the feelers in the world. _ There are not very many Tristans in this world 🌎 Tristan was a feeler in life. _ Only a small percentage of the population in the world are feelers in life. They are rare. You don't want to be a feeler in life.
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Healthy eating stinks! At least it can sometimes. Anybody ever leave raw broccoli in the fridge just a little bit too long? Last week I forgot about some leftover broccoli and whew it stunk up the entire fridge and kitchen within hours! 🤢 No worries though, baking soda and Purify to the rescue. In less than an hour, the fridge and entire kitchen smelled fresh and clean again. I just sprinkled a few drops of Purify right into the baking soda and stashed it inside the fridge. And for those of you who think essential oils are too expensive, this cost me about 18 cents plus the baking soda I already had. I love cheap, easy, nontoxic solutions!
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Showers are overrated 😂😂😂 After baseball practice the kids preferred to “wash” by swimming 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ Owner:@ambersullivan --- Plz Follow us:@texaslovers_photos For feature👉 follow us + tag: #texaslovers_photos --- #texasbbq #dallas #texasheat #texasmade #texaslife #tex#texasgirl> #texasboutique #texasstate #texasstyle #texasphotographer #texasholdem #texassunset #texasgirl #texasskies #texashillcountry #texasartist #texasstrong #texashairstylist #texaspride
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