Tesla Model 3 Is Now Protected With Ceramic Pro & Xpel Ultimate ✔️ This Tesla Model 3 Received Our Gold Package Lifetime Ceramic Pro Which Included Four Layers Of Ceramic Pro 9H, Topped With One Layer Of Our Super Hydrophobic Top Coat! Rims Coated✔️ Windows & Glass Roof Coated✔️ & Full Interior Coated✔️ Xpel Ultimate PPF Was Applied On Full Hood, Bumper, Fenders & Rocker Panels! This Is The ULTIMATE Protection For Your Vehicle!
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Alright folks... I think it's time to crank this Operation up a Gear... I believe Driverless Electric has a chance of becoming a Media Authority on the 'Transition to Driverless and Electric Vehicles' if we play our cards right... Logically, the next step we need to take is to start producing our own content, and publishing it on our own URL so that we are independent, and can start getting traffic through Google News etc. So I am wanting feedback on a couple of things... 1. What do you think would be a good website URL? (We currently own the domain name driverlesselectric.co , but I am open to suggestions (the .com is taken already, but is for sale, so that is a possibility) ... If driverless.electric was a domain name I would probably use that. 2. The idea of exchanging ownership in Driverless Electric for Original Exclusive Content ? ie, if you write a high quality exclusive article about a Driverless or Electric Vehicle topic , and it ends ups getting published on our website, then you receive Driverless Electric Shares, which means you would become a part owner and would share in any profits. Thanks for your time, Jon Low - Founder of Driverless Electric By the way... search 'Driverless Electric' on your FB app to find our Page and Group! #driverless #autonomous #selfdriving #SelfDrivingCars #selfdrivingcar #waymo #Artificialintelligence #ai #robotics #DriverlessCar #driverlessCars #instatech #ele#electric #tes#teslal3 #machinelearning #tech #technology #futuretech #electric #coding #android #journalism #journalist #tesla #elonmusk #electricCar
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When someone tells you “that’s an EV” so you do a double take. . Shout outs to @elonmusk and @teslamotors for accelerating sustainable transport and for changing the way we think about electric vehicles 🍃 . #tesla #teslamodel3 #gogreen
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Tesla Tuesday Model 3 pic!!
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