Last Weekend at the @kucloclassic the Pro Tan® Chicas took excellent care of the NPC Competitors!💯 Here is a quick clip from Pro Tan® Chica @donnicechristian spraying Competitor @calebschneider89! . Go with the Pros @protan_official! Book Your Competition Tan Today (link in bio)!💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽
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🛫 One more stop this season 🤗 🔜 IFBB Diamond Cup Madrid & IFBB Elite Pro Madrid 🤗😇 . . 💪 Coach: @coachberkes 👉 Sport nutrition: @superior14_tesla_nutritions_ 👉 @protan_europe & @steelfitnation Sponsored Athlete 💪 Gym: @gymcityoffice . . #coachberkes🔝💯👉 #fitbalanceberkesteam 💓 #berkesangels 😇 #ifb#ifb#ifbbe/a> #ifbbelitepromadrid #strongertogether #ifbbelite #teamprotan #teamsuperior14 #ifbb #ifbbbikini #bikinifitness #motivation #fitnessmotivation #fitgirls #fitnessgirl #instafit #fitfam #fitlife #karinagavrikova #фитнесбикини #спортивноетело #спортэтожизнь . . Follow me on Facebook:
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Uma apresentação perfeita não é aquela em que o atleta apenas sabe posar.. ele deve sim, fazer as melhores poses e transições, mas precisa a cima de tudo, subir no palco com atitude de campeão. 🥇⚔️🇧🇷 - #Mus#MuscleContestrnational #MuscleContest #IFBBPRO #ProLeagueProud #diogomontPRO #TEAMMONT #Aesthetics
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Do you even Skin Prep?🤷🏻‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️ Be Honest and Comment Below!👇 . Exfoliating your skin prior to Competition Tanning is essential to: ✅ Remove Dead/Dry Skin ✅ Balance Skin’s pH Level . Get Buffed® Pre-Tan Body Scrub is formulated with natural exfoliators, plant extracts, and vitamins that are exclusively designed to maximize and enhance your sunless tanning results!💯 . Shop Now at ➡️⬅️
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Just thinking about that one time we honeymooned in Playa Mujeres 3 weeks ago ☀️💋 our first private vacation together brought me so much joy and made me feel like a goddess. R&R was turnt up and so was I! #secretsplayamujeres @secretsresorts @kl_swimwear
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General video of me effortlessly applying and executing with @ste@steelfitusa 🔥 1.) Buns of Steel 2.) Abs of Steel 3.) Waist Trimmer 4.) Cardio 5.) Deal with the swamp you have created😁🤣 • • • With photoshoots and a video shoot coming up next week, I’m just trying to push some water out from underneath my skin and tighten up. In my offseason I STILL USE all of my SteelFitUSA products. For my photo shoots I will also be starting my HydraSteel, natural water reduction supplement💦 All of my SteelFit products come in handy all year around! There is never a shortage of SteelFit in my household! Get your @steelfitusa at a discount with my code CASEY and also take advantage of the sales going on with codes TONE and SIXPACK! So many savings for a product that is worth every single penny.
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