Your birthday came a month early due to good behavior at school and EXCELLENT grades NEVER got a bad report and everyday bringing home the highest star and just being the awesome child you are ❤️❤️ #teamLACEY
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Watching this video bawling at 3am...u cant tell me theres no God! Truly thankful that the Lord continues to heal my girl ❤️ You inspire me Laceybug and I'm so proud of you!#teamLacey
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⏱♦️Takes under one minute to vote! Thanks everyone for voting the past few weeks, cousin Tom Lacey has made it to the FINALS! He is definitely the underdog in this round, so we need your help! You can vote every day, every device. Let's make this kid's dream come true! #teamlacey #wegotthis #pleasehelp #darkhorsedunker #finalfour❤
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Got mine and Haley’s shirt ready to make a statement to end the R word!!! 💙💛#teamlacey
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